In a frantic hurry to lasso in that all-important pacifist electorate while slowly driving a wedge between Germany’s grand (as in big, not great) coalition before the other side does, Social Democrat boss Kurt Beck (anti-rocket man, job distributor) thinks that it’s time for the West to negotiate with the Taliban. He means negotiating with them before unilaterally pulling out of Afghanistan altogether, of course.


After all, why should we continue to fight the pro-Shariah radical Islamists out to destroy us when we can invite them to the bargaining table instead? Bargaining with murderers never killed anybody, right? And I’m sure that the Taliban is very interested in real dialogue with us, especially when they will finally be given the chance of contributing to a lasting solution of the problem they caused – the problem they are, I mean. Deep down, they want to help us put them out of business, you see.

This type of thinking hat Hand und Fuß (has a hand and a foot = makes sense) in Germany. At least it will until Taliban II cuts a hand and/or a foot off.

I mean, just because we threw them out of power and country over five years ago doesn’t mean that we can’t hand it back to them again, thinks Beck. After all, it certainly looks like they want Afghanistan more than we do. Sigh, sniffle. Why can’t we learn to live together in peace?

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