Dear Mr.Editor,
I am very much engaged in the objectivity of Hammadi Massinah’s logic. If I were blind but were asked if these words were of Gambian origin but did not know the nationality of the writer. I would say without hesitation….these are the words of a true Gambian.As someone who has a Nigerian wife and has had the refreshing pleasure of her inteligence and in surveying her culture first hand. The most striking conclusion that i have come to. Is just how different two African nations can be. The other big mistake that Europeans make consistantly…is to Judge all Africans as being the same.

They are not. Their identities and in many ways their culture is different.When Europeans see Africans and become frustrated with the many modern conflicts that fire the land.You must forgive them for their lack of education and understanding of the complexities of tribal Africa. The holy grail of a United States of Africa is as much a pipe dream and as distant as colonising the universe.I share some sympathy with the apparent outragious attacks against the colonists by President Jammeh. But remain uncertain if our foundation shares the same ground.

My own view, is that Africa struggled so hard for Independence, that upon its victory their was neither the knowledge or the education available from within,to gain parity with the advanced civilisations of the West. In some ways..the African has been too heavily handicapped to deal with this poor position. In hind sight,the transition from colonialism to Independence was managed badly by both sides. My view that African government gives the impression of adolescence at the expense of maturity, is an extension of this theory.

I see the constant attacks by African leaders on the West as symptomatic of the incredible burden that African political leaders are constantly facing to meet the needs of the develpoment of their nations and their peoples. Many African’s have become frustrated and disillusioned…and left their homelands for greener pastures. I have never met one African that would not rather be home eating Plantain and pounded Yam and circulating with their own culture and communities. Than eating western food and obeying western principals.

My knowledge of The Holy Quoran… very limited. But I remain inspired by the description of the prophet Muhammed {peace and blessing be upon his name} who left his village to climb a mountain and find a cave from which to meditate. It is said that the Arch Angel Gabriel visited Muhammed and embraced him several times. He instructed him to return to his village and inform the people to go out and educate themselves. From this point on, the Islamic faith and its people…… prospered.
It inspires me further to note with some optomisum, the good news that Alhaghi Yorrow Jallow has graduated with honours from the John Fitzgerald Kennedy School of Government at the highly acclaimed Harvard University in the U.S.A.
May I also return my feeling of humbleness. towards the kind words of the Chief Executive Officer of the G.D.P.Mr Haruna Darboe. Some weeks back, Pa Nderry Mbai asked me … why have I gone silent ? Today I will give the answer……When I viewed the recent contributions to The Freedom Newspaper….I inspected the words from Mr Haruna Darboe which explained the complexity of several issues that were not part of my knowledge.I fully realised, that his wisdom was far greater than mine…These issues are for Gambians and not good intentioned Englishmen. However, I will as always try to play a supporting role and offer my trained services of a Mentor. A Mentors role is quite specific. We allow those involved to work out their differences themselves. We are only here to support and further the wishes of those involved.
May I also commend the victory of my good friend Professor Karikari of MFWA and the commonsense of the Ecowas court sitting in Abuja. As I have said, these Judges are amongst the best in the world.
May I thank the kind words from The Freedom Newspaper…..these were too generous.
I remain.. Michael….U.K.

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