If you think the Eliot Spitzer affair is a scandal, your missing out on a sweet story of Islamic hypocrisy oozing out of Iran.

Tehran’s Chief of Police who recently led a crackdown on women for not following the Islamic dress code and eroding public morality was arrested during a raid on a brothel.

General Reza Zarhei, Tehran’s chief of police and a member of the Revolutionary Guard, has resigned under a cloud of scandal after he was caught and arrested naked, with no fewer than six nude women, during a government raid on a brothel.

but wait, it gets worse…

According to the reports on Farsi websites, during preliminary interrogations of the six women, when asked why they were naked, their response was “General Zarhei asked us to do a group prayer. In the nude.”

I wonder what the Prophet Mohammad would think about that? Where’s all the Muslim outrage? I though when someone offended Islam you were supposed to take to the streets and burn cars, etc?

So Danish cartoons are offensive, but being caught in what amounts to a naked prayer orgy is not?

Islam can be so complicated sometimes! The entire Muslim world must come together and make a list of what does and does not constitute a murderous outrage, because some Muslims are surely confused by this.

Let’s do a brief recap:

Naked prayer orgies = GOOD

Danish cartoons = BAD

-Chris Jones
The Hot Joints


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