Seems hypocrisy of former Secretaries of State Madeline Albright and Secretary of Defense William Cohen will overshadow their latest pet project, co-charing a Genocide Prevention Task Force Albright’s statement in a recent press release by The United States Institute of Peace;

“The world agrees that genocide is unacceptable and yet genocide and mass killings continue. Our challenge is to match words to deeds and stop allowing the unacceptable. That task, simple on the surface, is in fact one of the most persistent puzzles of our times. We have a duty to find the answer before the vow of ‘never again’ is once again betrayed”.

In the same vein of the press release former Secretary Cohen went on to state;

“We are convinced that the U.S. government can and must do better in preventing genocide—a crime that threatens not only our values but our national interests”.

Both Albright and Cohen, in a signed statement lobbied against a human rights issue in Washington, formal U.S. recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Blatantly insulting human rights advocacy, Albright stated (in part); “Our challenge is to match words to deeds…”. Is Albright the same person who just weeks prior lobbied to stop the Armenian genocide resolution?

Yes, regrettably Albright has discredited herself by her own admonitions.

Albright and Cohen have little to show for credibility when the realities of the Armenian genocide stare them in the face. Common sense would dictate the Armenian genocide be at least one issue to focus in advocating this historical reality.

Regrettably, a web site search of the United Institute of Peace where this “Task Force” originates indicates a zero result of direct research on the Armenian genocide issue. It is also with regret that virtually none of the long list of sixty specialists has background knowledge on the subject (according to the biographies).

Further study of the United Institute of Peace will show that Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, and Robert Gates Secretary of Defense, are ex officio members of this institution, both of whom were leading “arm twisters” in the offices of Congress, fighting against human rights i.e. Armenian genocide recognition.

On its face the Institute of Peace seems to be a positive undertaking for the betterment of humanity, but recent actions by its members more notably Madeline Albright, William Cohen, Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates seem to point to a selective discriminating agenda fueled by pure politics.

An argument can be made that perpetrators of genocide may likely be emboldened to commit more atrocities when they see current and former U.S. State Officials (mentioned above) shamelessly work against human rights issues in Congress. We need to see integrity with a moral compass better serve the will of the American people.

Until I see a drastic change in public policy this “Genocide Prevention Task Force” may be better served as mere window dressing.

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