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Its Day 3 after the Hyderabad Blasts. The BJP VHP sponsored bandh in Andhra is reported to have mixed success. The Andhra Chief Minister is on record with many surprising statements this moment of uncontrollable levity notwithstanding.

Chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy has mooted the idea of a powerful, vibrant and dynamic organisation on the lines of Greyhounds in the intelligence department with the state police to deal firmly with terrorism and the security of the state

This organisation will be world-class and could be on par or above the standards of Centre’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and other top class intelligence organisations

And then you have Pakistan jumping all over the place over YSR’s statements

Pakistan has termed as “conjecture” the statement of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajashekhara Reddy that terrorists based in that country could be behind the recent Hyderabad blasts

YSR did his bit to add to the overall confusion with this less than credible attempt at allaying fears by calling the blasts a stray incident in an interview to NDTV. While the media debate continues on “whodunit” and if it was “stray”, Offstumped uncovered some startling facts revealed by the Home Ministry but with hardly any attention paid to by the mainstream media or political parties.

The MHA in itsyear end review of the Internal Security situationn in India for the year 2006 released on 29th Dec 2006 had this to say:

21 ISI- backed espionage modules were neutralised during the year up to 21.11.2006 and 57 ISI-backed terrorist modules busted during the year up to 31.10.2006

Now this is not the media saying this or an odd local politico or runaway police affair making tall claims, this is the Union Home Ministry on record acknowledging that ISI backed terrorist modules existed in India and that they were neutralized.

Now one wonders why this list of 21 and 57 never made it to the India-Pakistan Joint Anti-Terrorism Institutional Mechanism ?

Here is more from the MHA in a presentation on “Action Taken by Security and Intelligence Agencies” made to a conference of Chief Secretaries in 2006.

“More proactive and sustained action is required to pre-empt Pak ISI backed terrorist modules and neutralise threats to internal security

Well it is just strange that the while the MHA had no compunctions in calling terrorist modules “Pak ISI backed” the MEA is nowhere in the picture on taking this up with Pakistan.

Either these modules are not ISI backed or the Government is just lacking in its will to take on Pakistan based terror.

Speaking of will, this Government has been second to none in paying “lip service” to the victims of terrorism.

Check out all the lips hard at work in the Prime Minister’s Office as Dr. Manmohan Singh administers’Anti-Terrorism Pledge’ at South Block on the occasion Anti-Terrorism day observed in New Delhi on May 21, 2007.


Well perhaps its time to remind Dr. Singh that Indian’s are demanding much more than mere lip service from his Governnment, they are demanding accountability and action.

Before we wrap up for the day, an Offstumped pop quiz to keep all those grey cells working.

How many of you knew India officially observes an Anti-Terrorism day ?

Since when do you think India has been observing Anti-Terrorism day ?

What was the Anti-Terrorism Pledge that Dr. Singh Administered on May 21st ?

Well if that was tough here is an easier one, how many of you still remember S.B. Chavan ?

Now what was S.B. Chavan thinking back in 1992 when he decided that May 21st would be observed as Anti-Terrorism Day ?


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