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Day 5 after the Hyderabad Blasts. A second suspect identified, raids on historic madrassa. Yesterday Offstumped uncovered a report by the ADC to the Andhra Pradesh Governor on ISI activities in Hyderabad and a report by the SP of Intelligence Hyderabad Police on ISI modules unearthed over the years in Andhra Pradesh.

Today Offstumped sheds light on the various reports compiled by Government agencies over the years on ISI and other Islamic Terrorist Activities in Hyderabad.

Consider this report again by the SP of Intelligence Hyderabad Police on Pak Sponsored Counterfeit Currency Circulation.

Then this one is something you probably would never have read about on how ransom money from kidnapping was used towards Jihad in a report on Investigation of Mafia perpetrated kidnap cases. This report is a must read as the SP Intelligence makes a forceful argument on the inadequacy of normal laws in dealing with organized crime.

Then you have this December 2005 West Bengal CID Criminal Intelligence Gazette on a suicide bombing in Hyderabad  by a Muslim youth suspected of ISI/Bangaldesh links.

And then of course how the infamous Abu Salem and other known terrorists from the LeT obtained fake passports in this report by the DIG, Andhra Pradesh Police.

Did you see this red corner interpol notice put out by the CBI for this hyderabad born individual accused of multiple acts of terrorism.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is bound to be more confidential data from where all of this came ……..


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