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Offstumped has been analyzing the chronology of attacks of mass terror and was surprised to find a strong correlation between the politics of Muslim Appeasement practiced by the Congress under Sonia Gandhi and the incidence of Mass Terror in Congress ruled States most which under the watch of the Manmohan Singh lead UPA Government.

First August 2003 when co-ordinated attacks in 2 taxis killed 52 people in Mumbai.

It must be noted Mumbai was then ruled by the NCP-Congress combine.

The Asia Times carried an interesting piece on 28 Aug 2003 where former Mumbai Police Chief Ribeiro attributed the failure of the Mumbai Police to pre-empt the attacks on how gathering intelligence has failed to remain a priority for the Mumbai Police. The piece also blames internal sabotage when Syed Khwaja Yunus Khwaja Ayub, a key accused in the first Ghatkopar bus blast, escaped from police custody while he was being taken to Aurangabad, a town in the interior of Maharashtra, for inquiry. 

To understand how Mumbai Police went slow on intelligence gathering especially related to Muslim Fundamentalist modules in Mumbai consider this story in the TOI on 4 Dec 2002 on how state minorities commission, civil rights activists and mohalla committee workers had cautioned the police against conducting combing operations, random checks and make preventive arrests.

Then consider this advice from Ribeiro to the NCP-Congress lead Maharashtra Government on 26 Aug 2003 on how Muslim Communities should not be allowed to shelter fundamentalist elements.

“If terrorists do not get support from their respective communities they will not survive. Even tacit support keeps these outfits alive.”

Then consider this compelling piece by B. Raman on 29 Aug 2003 on how political interference around Muslim Sensitivities had hampered the Mumbai Police from effectively investigating the incidents from December 2002 in Mumbai.

Next the October 2005 attacks in Delhi on the eve of Diwali that killed 62 people

2005 was an eventful year in terms of Muslim Appeasement by the Congress from the move to provide Muslim Quota in Andhra to the Aligarh Muslim University Minority status issue as well as the Imrana episode. But what stands particularly out is how the Congress at the highest levels diluted what little Anti-Terror Infrastructure existed in the country in the name of Muslim Appeasement.

Consider this story in the Gulf Times on 30 May 2005 when Congress President Sonia Gandhi addressing 28th All India General Session of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind (JUH) a national body of Muslim Clerfy said this while being critical of the BJP’s record

the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), which the community had viewed as anti-Muslim had been withdrawn and those arrested under its provisions had been released

This pretty much sets the stage for the series of mass terror attacks in 2005 and 2006.

The next major attack comes in March 2006 in Varnasi that kills 20 people coming closely on the heels of heightened Muslim Mobilization over a range of political issues in Uttar Pradesh ranging from Danish Cartoons on Prophet Mohammad, the Bush visit to India and the Iran Nuclear issue. This article by Dilip Padgaonkar in the Daily News Analysis on 15th March titled “The end of political correctness” sums it up best

Liberal opinion regarded the angry demonstrations staged during the presidential visit as a flagrant attempt to give pan-Islamic solidarity precedence over the national interest. Against this backdrop, the terrorist attacks in Varanasi proved to be the proverbial last straw. Liberal opinion was convinced that the upsurge of Muslim radicalism, loudly claiming its affinity with the ummah, and the cachet of respectability it received from certain ‘secular’ political formations, had created an altogether novel situation for the country. It portended an eruption of communal tensions which would slow down economic growth and damage the nation’s security interests.

An unequivocal affirmation by the High Priest of Liberal Media on the correlation between Muslim Appeasement by “secular” political formations, viz UPA, and Terrorist Attacks.

Varnasi is followed by the 7-11 Mumbai Attacks, Malegaon Blasts, Samjhauta Blasts and the Hyderabad Blasts.

The deliberate soft pedalling of anti-terror operations post 7-11 under the pretext of not alienating Muslims is well reported. This Times of India story titled ” Dont alienate Muslims: PM, Sonia” on 24th Sept 2006 says it all. 

The Mumbai Police’s handling of the 7-11 blasts investigation ends becoming a matter of media vigilantism by the likes of Jyoti Punwani, Javed Anand and others taking up cudgels on behalf of the terror suspects accusing the police of unjustified harassment. It is rather strange that in none of the scores of media opinion pieces by these activists are the 7-11 victims or their families mentioned once nor is the question of bringing to justice those responsible for the blasts ever raised.

But then of course we are treated to the Sachar fishing expedition during this period and most recently the Prime Minister’s insomnia on the Haneef episode.

Offstumped Bottomline: There exists a strong correlation between the politics of Muslim Appeasement practiced by the Congress when in power in both States and at the Center and Attacks of Mass Terror.

The Conspiracy of Silence and Doublespeak on the Congress’ Delinquency in dealing with Mass Terror has been aided and abetted by a certain kind of Media Vigilantism that bares its face only on issues like the Srikrishna Commission Report and Police Harassment of 7-11 suspects.

It is time Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi were held to account for communalizing and diluting the Anti Terror Infrastructure.

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