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— Manmohan Singh must abandon political correctness

listen to the grim evidence emerging from the killing fields

Communalization of Anti-Terror Policy encouraging terrorists

embark on a path of openly supporting the democratic movement in Pakistan

inflict a heavy price on terrorists for their actions, irrespective of whether they live in Karachi, Dubai, Dhaka, the mountains of Afghanistan, or lowlands of Myanmar

mere rhetoric in Parliament and Media is insufficient to fight terror

lack of political will in India to take terror head on

time has come to say enough is enough

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must act now

hard decisions based on a rigorous analysis of India’s options in the face of recurrent acts of terror can no longer be deferred

For those of you are wondering where the above soundbites came from, Offstumped had carried a piece on the mood of the nation on 14th July 2006 after the 7-11 Mumbai Bomb Blasts. These soundbites were from the very same mainstream media which later went on to hail the India-Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Joint Institutional Mechanism as the only formal anti-terrorism response by the Manmohan Singh lead UPA Government to date. The Joint Mechanism is dead and the Manmohan Singh Government’s anti-terrorism credibility in tatters.

13 Months later terror has once again struck India this time in the southern city of Hyderabad killing atleast 36 and injuring scores more due to 2 blasts in  the Lumbini Park and Gokul Chaat house. At the time of this posting the unofficial death count was at 44 and rising. Also media reports of 2 more bombs found in Venkatadri Theatre and one in Chaderghaat. Chief Minister Y.S. Rajashekhar Reddy called the blasts an act of terror. This attack follows the blasts in the Mecca Masjid in the old city of Hyderabad earlier in the year.

The choice of targets, the coordinated nature of the blasts and the fact there is no attributable motive even by those who routinely swear by “root causes” means this is an unprovoked act of war. It follows similar acts of war on the Samjhauta Express, Malegaon, Mumbai, Varnasi, Delhi and Bangalore.

What is concerning is that these outfits are able to do so with no fear of consequences which explains why every attack in Pakistan in recent times was a Suicide Attack while none of the attacks in India have seen the perpetrators even remotely in the vicinity save a couple of fedayeen type attacks.

So how did things come to such a pass that unnamed organizations with no attributable motive are able to attack at free will ?

One must circle back to July 2006 to understand the state of denial the Manmohan Singh Government has been operating in aided and abetted by the Left. Sitaram Yechury’s column in the Hindustan Times  in response to the 7-11 attacks where he makes the argument that foreign policy shifts of India are undermining India’s independent and sovereign status, and exposing India to a greater vulnerability to terrorist attacks. This kind of shameless and despicable pusillanimity from the Left is precisely the reason why terrorism in India knows there is no political will to fight it. Who needs enemies when you have friends like Sitaram Yechury – point to ponder for Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi.

Once again from Offstumped on July 14th 2006, what was true then continues to be true now

By misreading the public mood and continuing to operate from this frame of denial the Congress Government is setting itself up for disaster. By ignoring the potential Al-Qaeda links to the new brand of Islamic terrorism that has raised its head in India, the Government will be in serious breach of its responsibilities. The Indian people want action, want zero tolerance and they want it now. The Indian People are no longer interested in being lectured on their patience, resilience and unity, they are quite aware of all of those virtues. It is about time the Indian Government demonstrated its virtues rather than shy away from taking terror head on.

The Indian Government must demonstrate the force that it can bring to bear to root out terror from its sources and decapitate its sponsors. The Indian People must demonstrate that they have no tolerance for the Sitaram Yechury, Prakash Karat brand of political correctness in dealing with Terrorism.

Offstumped Warning to the UPA : 

There is no more Public Patience with this Pusillanimity.

There is no more Public Patience with this lack of Political Will.

There is no more Public Patience with this rank incompetence at the highest levels of Government.

There is no more Public Patience with this all pervasive state of denial in the ruling party.

And there definitely is no more Public Patience for Unprovoked Acts of War in the name of Islam and Jihad.

We want action, we want zero tolerance and we want it now.

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