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Never before has Mass Terror been so orphaned by an abject lack of desire for publicity or claims of responsibility

It is 2 days since the serial blasts in Hyderabad. There is a palpable change in the news media reporting in the last 48 hours. Praveen Swami in The Hindu and the Indian Express have not just confirmed Offstumped’s Correlation of Muslim Appeasement and Attacks of Mass Terror but have also started to don an investigative role to connect the dots from a jail in Uttar Pradesh to Dhaka and beyond.

While the media and the investigators sort out the terror trail Offstumped focuses its attention on a different angle to this wave of Mass Terror.

The current wave has something unique to it in that it has been orchestrated  by unnamed groups with no attributable political motive not even an odd claim of responsibility. Contrast this with the acts of the various separatist outfits from Kashmir to the North East who dont lose out on an opportunity for bombast after all every such claim is not without its dividends from burnishing terror resumes to attracting new recruits. Given that is the case it is inexplicable that these groups have been so selfless in their cause that they have been resisting the temptation for television martyrdom, glory, fame or publicity.

So who is orchestrating this wave of mass terror ?

Some in the media have offered the rather cliched hypothesis of groups opposed to progress in India-Pakistan peace moves and hence have tried to explain away these attacks as attempts to derail the peace process. This hypothesis doesn’t hold much water given that the India-Pakistan peace moves have lost momentum without much outside help thanks to the events in Pakistan and the rather precarious position of its President General Pervez Musharraf.

So if one were to discount the India-Pakistan anti-peace hypothesis where should one look for answers ?

For possible clues to answer this question Offstumped turns its attention to another aspect of this wave of terror which is also unique.

The deliberating targeting of Muslims in known flashpoints like Malegaon and Old City of Hyderabad as well as a train packed with Pakistani Muslims.

Starting with the blast outside Jama Masjid in New Delhi just before the New Delhi Blasts to Malegaon blasts followed by Samjhauta Express Blasts and then the Mecca Masjid Blasts almost all of the victims in these blasts were Muslims. Contrast this with the rather secular nature of the Mumbai 7-11 blasts, the previous blasts in Mumbai in 2003, the New Delhi blasts, the Varnasi blasts and most recently the Hyderabad blasts. Except for Varnasi there was no deliberate targeting of Hindus in known flashpoints.

It is intriguing to say the least. If one were to go by the current hypothesis of investigation as expounded by Praveen Swami in The Hindu and the Indian Express it gets all the more intriguing that Muslims outfits are deliberately targeting Muslims in India.

In forwarding a possible hypothesis Offstumped draws attention to a Feb 14th 2003 audiotape released by Bin Laden where he justifies terrorism against other Muslims by militant Islamists with the contention that any Muslim who helps “infidels over Muslims” is no longer a Muslim.

The Indian Express today quotes Ajit Doval a former IB Director

What is lesser known and more serious is HUJI’s intimate and old Al-Qaeda linkages

Ajit Doval’s comment merits further attention. B. Raman in this 10th Aug paper makes an important observation that there were no references to India and Hindus in Al Qaeda messages till March-April 2003. Raman then goes on to chronicle the multiple references to India in assorted Al-Qaeda messages over the years. The first attack of mass terror this decade occurred in Mumbai in Aug 2003. Since then we had one in 2005 and the rest in 2006 and 2007. While it is premature to correlate specific Al-Qaeda messages to specific attacks in India the franchise model of terror being attempted in India could very well be an innovation and a long term project. This 12th Aug news story in the Indian Express surprisingly didn’t make much news subsequently but the equation of India to Israel and USA was significant.

Offstumped had yesterday highlighted how Muslim Appeasement hurt Counter-Terrorism operations and subsequent Investigations. It is unfortunate that after 3 incidents were Muslims were deliberately targeted and after the fact that a significant number of Muslims died in the latest blasts in Hyderabad there has been no voluntary moves in the Muslim Community to demand that the Government not pay lip service to the Muslim cause through appeasement and instead conduct Counter Terrorism operations with no political interference of any kind.

Offstumped Bottomline: This wave of terror is unique in its abject lack of attributable political motive.

Never before has Mass Terror been so orphaned by an abject lack of desire for publicity or claims of responsibility.

The deliberate targeting of Muslims can only be explained away by a warped logic of the Bin Laden kind.

The Government with its head in the sand on Muslim sensitivities is missing this big picture.

Muslim Victims of Mass Terror must stand up and demand not just accountability of this Government but a coherent counter terrorism strategy for all Indians.


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