The whole world watched in horror as Hurricane Gustav recently wreaked havoc in destinations such as Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and the United States, amongst other places. However, it seems that whilst the hurricane may have now disappeared the effects could continue to affect many people.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has stated that residents returning to homes that have been damaged by the hurricane needs to be careful as there could be a risk of asbestos exposure and contamination.

Residents are warned to be careful especially when first entering their properties. This is because the damage caused by the hurricane may have disturbed asbestos that may have been present in older homes. The warning also extends to commercial buildings that may have suffered from hurricane damage.

Officials warn that consumers should not attempt to touch or fix any asbestos products that are discovered, and should instead warn authorities. Expert asbestos abatement contractors will need to be hired to remove the asbestos debris safely.

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