As a tropical depression stumbling across central Mexico, the last mischief that the former category 5 hurricane might pull is flooding in Mexico City. No hurricane has ever remained organized and popped out the west side of the mountainous center of Mexico into the Pacific.

While damage to Jamaica, Martinique and the Yucatan Peninsula includes major losses to agricultural crops and physical infrastructure such as piers, businesses and housing, the storm’s track just south of Jamaica kept it from inflicting even graver damage.

Martinique and Jamaica have lost their current banana crop. Martinique and Belize have lost their current sugar crop.

The tourist infrastructure on the Costa Maya has been wiped out.

Even as the hurricane was tracked from space by the ESA and from the space shuttle, online security warnings were issued against possible fraud.

Further details and links are available through this week’s Carnival of Hurricane Relief, devoted entirely to Hurricane Dean.

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