Doctors without Borders has a little list, and they’re hoping someone will read it.

The Ten Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories of 2007.

The reason why these stories are ignored are probably twofold: One, many have  been going on for years, and two: They are in countries where the disasters can’t be blamed solely on America.

Number ten is Somalia.

That conflict goes back twenty years but has flared up again. America is involved in that it approved of nearby governments entering to throw out the Islamicists. But one can also argue if Clinton had allowed the US to send in tanks, and if the “Blackhawk down” episode had not been a disaster, and the UN with the US help had stablized that country in the early 1990’s, none of this would have happened.

Number Nine is Zimbabwe.

Think Castro squared.

Robert Mugabe, revolutionary beloved of African liberators, left wing groups and the World Council of Churches, overthrew a pretty bad white supremicist government, and for awhile things went well.

But with age, Mugabe started implimenting Marxist reforms similar to those that caused the Kulak famines in Russia and the  Hungry Ghosts of the “Great Leap Forward”. The result is the same: Farmers afraid to ask for seed and fertilizer for fear the government would demand their crops, the most productive farmland seized and given to government cronies or those who grow only enough for their own families, and now, the mining industry being forced to give control to “locals”.

Other regions include Colombia, whose ongoing civil war started in the 1950’s and is in danger of flaring up with the help of nearby Chavez, the civil war in lovely Sri Lankha by the Tamil Tigers, the ones who (re)invented suicide bombings to make their point, wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic, the need to rebuild Chechnya after that area’s disasterous attempt to seceed from Russia,  the problems of getting aid into Myamar.

Another non country disaster is the emergence of drug resistant TB.

StrategyPage’s Hot Spots page has information on many of these countries.

Not mentioned are the better publicized ongoing humanitarian disaster in North Korea, and the more publicized but politically more serious “refugees” in the Middle East.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes about human rights in Africa at Makaipa Blog 

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