REXANO Editorial by Zuzana Kukol,

Las Vegas, NV, August 3, 2007–Those of you who were hoping to read about the sequel to a movie or ‘Saturday Night Live” sketch to an original “Wayne’s world”, stop reading, Dana Carvey and Mike Myers are not here.

Our ‘Wayne” is Wayne Pacelle, an extremely well paid president of the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States), a group calling themselves “the nation’s largest animal protection organization”.
HSUS has about $ 200,000,000 in assets, yes that is 200 millions, meaning, no animal should have to be killed in shelters with that kind of money laying around ( being donated by misinformed donors who don’t know the real H$U$).

Mr. Pacelle, who according to various news reports is a vegan who doesn’t even own a pet, was quoted on many occasions about his vision for the animal rights (AR) movement, and his personal objective of creating a “ National Rifle Association of the animal rights movement.”

Our Wayne though, instead of being a star in a hot movie, has been sitting in a very hot seat lately.

In their August 2, 2007 press release:

“ Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) called on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to return all the money it has raised in the wake of the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal. CCF revealed today that beginning on July 18 — the day after Vick’s criminal indictment — HSUS promised on its website that financial contributions would be earmarked for helping it “care for the dogs seized in the Michael Vick case.” But yesterday The New York Times reported that HSUS is not, in fact, caring for the animals. And HSUS president Wayne Pacelle told the Times that his group is recommending that government officials “put down” (that is, kill) the dogs rather than adopt them out to suitable homes.”

I wonder how long before we hear Wayne scream: “It’s Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Money time! Excellent!”, accompanied by him jumping up and down throwing dollar bills in the air.

HSUS is really an AR group that many confuse with local ‘Humane society’ shelters, however, Humane Society of the United States is not affiliated with any of them. They are a powerful well funded AR group, who instead running shelters or helping animals directly, works hard on eventually removing pets from our homes, meat from our tables, leather goods from our closets and animals from zoos and circuses.

In his August 03, 2007 rebuttal “Dogfighting a Constant Battle for The HSUS”, Wayne brags: “We publish manuals and the key resources on the subject. And we produce videos, public service announcements, in-depth stories and other quality materials to educate the public and law enforcement authorities about this despicable underworld.”

What he conveniently ‘forgets’ to mention is that they charge money for these manuals, they don’t do this as free public service to help animals; they are in business of selling their agenda. So where do the multimillion donations go? WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS themselves, you know the ones in blood and flesh instead of the imaginary ones in their press releases and fundraisers?

There’s nothing like a big celebrity scandal like Vick to increase HSUS’s profile, publicity and income. I guess we are back to where the money is.

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