Pop star, Madonna, will have 67 human rights groups watching over and making sure that the Malawian government’s adoption laws are being enforced and followed correctly.

According to the Associated Press, the lawyer representing the Human Rights groups are not against the adoption, they just want to clarify the otherwise gray areas of their adoption laws. Madonna claims that her adoption is routine, and that she hasn’t received any special privileges due to her status as a celebrity. However, a Malawian couple who reside in the UK, where Madonna and David are staying, say that she has.

According to Daily Mail, the couple have been trying to adopt her niece, Erykka from an orphanage in Malawi, after both of her parents had died from AIDS. However, even though they adopted her in July of last year, red tape has prevented her from living in Britian with her aunt and uncle. Erykka’s aunt stated, “It seems there is one law for the rich and another for the rest of us.”

Dr Peter Selman, one of Britain’s foremost experts on inter-country adoption, states that,
“Erykka’s case is bizarre when you have the Madonna situation,” he says. “Madonna doesn’t seem to have gone through a British home study.” Herein lies the gray area.

One human rights organization called, CRIN (Child’s Rights International Network) is seeking to communicate with Madonna on their website after trying unsuccessfully to contact her by other means. In an open letter to Madonna, CRIN states,

We regret to inform you that inter-country adoption is prohibited under the Malawi current Children Adoption Act as section 3(5) reads “an adoption order shall not be made in favor of any applicant who is not a resident in Malawi or in respect of any infant who so resident”…. Please take note that this type of arrangement contravenes and will be questionable before the destination country, the United Nation Convention and the Malawi Adoption Act.

The organization also states that they don’t necessarily oppose adoption of the child, but that they do want to make sure that all the adoption laws of Malawi are followed. This will ensure that David and all children who are adopted, receive adequate information and oversight to ensure their needs are met.

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