X-Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has criticized Madonna’s adoption of the African boy.The 53-year-old told US radio jockey Howard Stern, “It is like getting a Louis Vuitton handbag.” She insisted that there are several other ways the pop diva could have lent financial help to the kid’s dad.

The Human Rights Consultative Committee, a coalition of 67 rights groups, has petitioned the court to make sure no Malawian laws were broken in the adoption process of thirteen months old David by the singer star Madonna.They also demanded that the committee be made a party to the adoption so it can help assess Madonna’s fitness as a mother.

Judge Andrew Nyirenda held a closed, 90-minute hearing on Friday on this much discussed and debated adoption process. He then set another hearing for Nov. 13 to allow lawyers for the committee to submit additional arguments on why the adoption process should be reviewed and why the committee should be a party.

Alan Chinula, the lawyer for Madonna and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie, said that no laws had been broken and the adoption procedures were followed to the letter.

The debate started because typically, prospective parents are required to stay in Malawi during an 18-month evaluation period. But the judge who granted an interim custody order to Madonna and her husband on Oct. 12 said the issue of residence is not specified in the laws. David Banda was taken to London, where Madonna has a home and where a social worker will check on him for the next 18 months.

Justin Dzonzi, the chairman of the human rights committee, said it was not trying to block the adoption but wanted to be a party to the process to make sure Malawian laws were respected.”We want to be part of the assessment of Madonna to ascertain that she is a suitable mother,” he said.If that sounds strange, rights activists stress that while they do not question Madonna’s motives and ability to care for an adopted child, rules and regulations adopted to protect children should be respected. Otherwise, child traffickers or pedophiles might take advantage of loopholes.

Now that is a real concern for all and probably we want to ensure that atleast these people dont molest children anywhere in the world and then escape through the loopholes in law.

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