“Imagine being able to fire up your vintage low-end Mac laptop and play Crysis, a gorgeously high-resolution PC game that’s famous for overwhelming the GPUs of $4,000 Alienware rigs. Imagine being able to play the same game on a tiny device streaming directly to your TV. That’s the kind of service OnLive announced Tuesday.”If you are a gamer this factoid will fill you with wonder. Tinged with a great degree of cynicism as so often we have been promised monumental steps in gaming technology online to find out its more like a wee hop. Then again not having to spend enough to buy a decent used car every few years to play the latest games would be nice, and more often than not still be behind the technology curve.Anyone following the IT world have been getting bombarded with articles bleating on about so called “cloud computing” and its supposed applications. The press release, as you would expect, is a bit slim on the details. Supposedly the technology will launch winter 2009. If this works invest in game companies and dump your hardware (high end)/console makers.The “lagwolf” in me wonders if they got a handle on latency and compression problems over the internet. We shall see if someone has finally cracked that great conumdrum.Just in case it works, I would get it down on your holiday “want” list now.

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