No this isn’t a joke.

A huge new ship, said to be the biggest in the world, is currently bound for the European port of Rotterdam on its way to the North Sea, where its services will be used by Shell.

Astonishingly, “The Pieter Schelte” is named in honour of a former officer in the murderous Waffen SS and diehard member of the Nazi party. A man who was jailed for war crimes.

His son, Edward Heerema, owns the gigantic ship, which is part of the Allseas Group, which he founded.

There have been a number of news articles drawing attention to the controversy since his plan to honour his late father in this prominent but outrageous way was first made known in 2008.

e.g. Dutch outcry over naming giant ship after Nazi

Mr Heerema has ignored all objections.

If you are as disgusted as me, please take a few moments to sign the petition I have launched on

The petition is addressed to Mr Heerma.


This public homage by you as the weathy son of a Nazi war criminal is an affront to the relatives of tens of millions of souls who perished at the hands of Nazi Germany, the most evil regime in history. Many innocent victims, including children, died in the most horrific circumstances in the gas ovens at Nazi concentration camps.

Forbes published an article on the subject on 20 December 2014:

“Big Oil’s $3 Billion Homage to Nazi War Criminal

Extract from the Forbes article

The interesting thing is that Allseas seems to be getting away with this. The Dutch government even provided a subsidy for the project. Meanwhile, after a brief flurry of interest in 2008 when the original contract to build the Pieter Schelte was signed with Korea’s Daewoo shipyard, the Dutch press has largely swept the controversy under the rug. The Korean press too has been quiet. (Even as the ship left Seoul in November, the event seems to have gone almost completely unrecorded…


Please take a few moments to sign the petition I have recently launched on

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