According to the BBC, over a million people in Bogata protested FARC’s terrorist war against the Colombian people.

On the streets of Bogota, the message was blunter.

“No more Farc, we don’t want any more Farc, young people have to say no to the Farc and tell them to stop their violence,” student Jaime Martinez said.

Former hostage Clara Rojas, who was freed last month after nearly six years as a captive, said: “I hope the Farc is listening.”

And a woman marching with her three children told the BBC: “I think this march will set a precedent in Colombia because for the first time all Colombians are going to protest as one body.”

Schools were closed in many big cities, and businesses closed, allowing workers to march.

Gateway Pundit has a collection of photos of the crowds.

Al Jezeerah reports:

Similar demonstrations were also held in Madrid, the US, Canada, Japan and Venezuela organised by the Colombian embassies in the cities. In Paris, some 200 people mostly Colombians turned out

The protest in France was significant, since their leftist press tends to paint FARC as freedom fighters, and blame the government of Colombia as bad guys for not allowing FARC to get hundreds of their thugs out of jail, lots of money, and their own official ministate to grow cocaine and being taken off the list of terrorist organizations (so they can launder drug money easier) in exchange for a careless French lady politician…

AlJezeerah reports that

the rally received sharp condemnation from family of Ingrid Betancourt, a French-Colombian politician held hostage by Farc.

“We condemn this manipulation. It’s propaganda, which while pretending to be against the Farc is completely organised by the government,” said Astrid Betancourt, sister to Ingrid Betancourt…

So much for French snobbery. A lot of the French press/elites see everything through an anti American lens, so see a million free people taking the day off to demonstrate as merely another US plot to undermine a Marxist group who they romanticize and whose atrocities they prefer to ignore.
Hello— Colombia is a democracy…

My son is Colombian and still lives there, and although people do demonstrate for all sorts of things, Colombians are not puppets who do these things under anyone’s orders.

Indeed, the ChristianScienceMonitor reports how grass roots organized the protest, using FACEBOOK…and although supported by the Colombian government and by many NGO’s, is in response to a growing anger among Colombians against FARC and it’s fellow Marxist movements:

What began as a group of young people venting their rage at the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on Facebook, an Internet social-networking site, has ballooned into an international event called “One Million Voices Against FARC.””We expected the idea to resound with a lot of people but not so much and not so quickly,” says Oscar Morales, who started the Facebook group against the FARC, which now has 230,000 members. Organizers are expecting marches in 185 cities around the world…Some observers say it’s less a response to the FARC’s ideology than it is global public outrage over kidnapping as a weapon.

Colombia continues to be the world’s kidnapping capital with as many as 3,000 hostages now being held.

Of course, most of the Google headlines is about another prisoner exchange…FARC via Chavez is offering to release another 2…that makes 5, with 2,995 more to go….Like the Philippines, as prosperity allows alternative career moves for young men, the groups turn more toward crime, drug trafficing, and kidnapping to keep going.

Like the Philippines, there are atrocities by government related hit squads, but too often the communist related murders, extortions, and drug links are ignored by the overseas press.

And finally, like the Philippines, the “left/right” paradigm ignores the growing middle class who seem to be the ones behind this huge protest.

On the periphery of all this is the suspicion that Venezuela’s embrace of FARC is allowing that country to become more active of the drug trade.

Another ignored story: That money filled suitcase…drug laundering? funding Marxists in Argentina? Hmmm….

And what about that Colombian Drug Lord….shot Venezuela? Was it a local feud? The Venezuelan army? Or was it the $5 million on his head?
The location of the killing underscores how Colombian drugs are more and more being smuggled via Venezuela…

Nancy Reyes is a physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket…crossposted to Podkayne’s blog.

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