Beleaguered candidate Mitt Romney seems to be spending more time having to dig himself out of his religious background than talking about his grand plans as president. The religion card is a serious card and one that the other candidates seem to be playing to great effect. The great conservative Christian block are already skittish with this deviation from the religious high road, and the mere mention of Mormonism has them reaching for their Tums.

In an interview destined for publication in next Sundays New York Times Magazine, Huckabee is asked if he considers Mormonism a cult or a religion, his answer is a curious one, ‘I think it’s a religion”. The use of ‘I think’ can be taken two ways. Even more interesting though, is without prompting he follows up with “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?” Now there is a solid hit to get you on first base!

So once again poor Mitt is in damage control mode, and on an appearance on Wednesdays NBC “Today” show he fired back with “I think attacking someone’s religion is really going too far. It’s just not the American way, and I think people will reject that”

You have to love a good clean political campaign! Reuters has a fairly entertaining article about the subject.

Simon Barrett

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