Over the past couple of months the Health and Safety Executive in the UK has been on a mission to try and raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos, dubbed the hidden killer, and to try and educate those most at risk from exposure such as tradesmen.

The HSE has this week been issuing warnings and providing information in the Norwich area of England, and officials from the group will be going to the City College to talk with tradesmen and educate them with regards to the dangers of asbestos, which many tradesmen are at risk of being exposed to during the course of their work.

The HSE warned that every week around twenty tradesmen die from asbestos cancer, such as mesothelioma, and added that tradesmen needed to be careful about working on any buildings that were erected or refurbished before 2000, as they could contain asbestos.

One official from the HSE said that tradesmen needed to take great care and whatever precautions necessary in their line of work to avoid asbestos exposure. He said: “The tradesmen of today and tomorrow cannot afford to be complacent because asbestos is still present in hundreds of thousands of buildings.”

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