Something that has not been written about enough. A common virus, transmitted sexually, is now linked to being one cause of cervial cancer.

A virus. Causing cancer. Scary? Just a bit. And yet, this information has only been offered recently to the mass public. Although it is offered, it comes with little more than the hysteria causing fact that, this virus is linked to a cancer in women.

Diagnosed with this “STD”, I was overwhelmingly obsessed with getting all the information I possibly could get. And more. The problem being: there was so limited information. All the internet articles I could find and read, had the same information. Vital information, true, but still- so basic. There was only so many times I could read that HPV is a common virus, sexually transmitted. There are hundreds of types of HPV, most commonly are the low risk kinds, which outbreak in genital warts. Then there are the high risk HPV’s, which attack the cervical wall, causing abnormal growth of cells, which will lead to cancerous cells if they do not go away.

I had the high risk HPV, right on my cervix. Not even any genital warts, just the cervical dysplasia. Super.

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