I would say that for the most part, it varies from little white lies to exaggeration, just think of those pictures of the inauguration, and finally we have the big fat lies.

Most of the Trump press, Fox News, Brietbart and Infowars tend to ignore the problem, preferring to run with whatever diversion Trump is offering in his latest Tweet.

The same goes for his small but very loyal base of voters. And loyal they are, hush money to a Porn actress, and a Playboy bunny does not phase them. This is odd really, the evangelical right went ape shit over Bill Clinton and his BJ.

I know the Washington Post  have been keeping a running tally on Trumps lies, but they have been outdone by Canada’s Toronto Star.

The Star has done something more interesting. It has put all of the Trump Bull Shit in a database, you can search by subject  and source.

A search on Canada reveals this whopper;

“Between NAFTA, which was a horrible deal — and we’re getting close on that. But we’re making it good. You’re dealing with closed markets. The Canadians — you have a totally closed market from so many — you know, in Canada they have a 375 per cent tax on dairy products.”

Source: Remarks at Workforce Development Roundtable in Peosta, Iowa

in fact: Under NAFTA, a free trade agreement, the Canadian market is very open to U.S. products. There are some exceptions, such as dairy. Even there, though, Trump exaggerates. Canada’s tariffs on most dairy products are high, but they are under 300 per cent on major products as milk and cream. Trump himself has previously used the figures “270 per cent” and “295 per cent.”

And he makes no comment on the 300% tariff on Canadian tobacco products.

Trump and the truth are at best fleeting acquaintances.

If you want to explore the database, this article takes you to it.

I wonder if FOX (UN)news is working on something similar.

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