This catchy title is not entirely true. There are things you can do to increase your metabolism

I will tell you ways to rev up your metabolism but please note this is no substitute for exercise or a healthy (lower calorie) diet. Even if you do all of these everyday it would not make enough of a different to shed pounds no matter what you have read before. Everyone wants an easy way out and I also would like a magic pill or easy way to lose weight but if it was that easy OBESITY would not be an epidemic and everyone who walked down the street would be thin. You have to eat less calories than you use or expend each day. A good way to estimate how many calories you use a day at rest would be to multiply your weight in pounds by 10. If you weigh 150 then you should be able to eat 1500 calories a day and lose weight if you walk at least 3 miles a day or take 6,000 steps about. However if you get to your goal weight of 130 you then need to eat like a 130 person which is 1300 calories or you will gain the weight again.

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