Now, out here in Oregon, we have had some real prizes when it comes to domestic disputes. Take, for instance, former skater and club-hirer Tanya Harding. When she was at odds with her boyfriend and they were fighting she threw the nearest object she could find…a hubcap. Yes boys and girls, this charming sometimes boxer apparently finds her trailer decor lacking without a hubcap inside.
   I guess I always thought that story would take the cake for uhm…searching for non-libelous phrase hear…least intelligent object selection for purposes of rendering harm to the other participant in a domestic dispute.
   Fortunately, Erie Pennsylvania found someone to do Tanya one better. Chytoria Graham, whom we can only assume has some bitterness built up over her name, was (allegedly) having a dispute with her boyfriend so she (allegedly) struck him with the nearest object…her 4 week old baby.
    Hard to believe they removed the other children from that warm, caring, and extremely safe family…

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