Per statistics from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an estimated 35 percent of households own a cat, and 44 percent have a dog. People who itch to become pet owners can put their enthusiasm into making the preparations necessary for starting the joyous experience of pet ownership.

Make your home pet-friendly.

New pet owners should pet-proof the living space. Creating a cozy, safe space for pets to rest and play can help them acclimate to their new environment. Encouraging a pet to sniff areas can help them learn their location. People should keep chemicals and cleaning agents in spaces that pets can’t see or reach, tape down or move loose electrical cords, and remove potential choking hazards.


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Household members should make sure everyone agrees to pet ownership. In addition to love, affection, and play, pets require feeding, walking, obedience and elimination training, and bathing. All household members should learn a pet’s feeding and walking routine, and be aware of scheduled visits to the vet.

Purchase the necessities.

A visit to the pet store is a must. Making a checklist ensures the purchase of must-haves such as food, bowls, beds, collars, leashes, treats, and toys. When purchasing food, owners should check with the animal shelter or breeder they received their pet from to determine what their pet currently eats to maintain consistency or make it easier to transition to a new diet.

Find a veterinarian.

New pet owners should search for emergency animal hospitals and a local veterinarian to visit for their pet’s annual check-ups, treatments, and vaccines. If possible, owners should obtain their pets’ veterinary records from the shelter where they adopted their pet. Knowing which shots an animal companion had and still needs, and knowing when they last received treatment can be beneficial.


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Responsible pet owners should look into protecting their pets with pet coverage. Pet insurance is a necessary safeguard against any accidents, injuries, or illnesses a furry loved one may incur. Coverage can reduce medical treatment costs, procedure costs, and veterinary bills. To ensure you’re getting the best coverage possible, compare pet insurance options with iSelect.

Factors that impact pet insurance costs include the coverage plan chosen, the owner’s location, and the pet’s age and breed. iSelect, a reputable online information resource, provides users with facts about pet insurance options available—which makes it easy to choose a pet insurance provider and plan that best suits your finances and your pet’s health.

Encourage your pet to socialize.

While observing how a pet copes with their new environment, pet owners should focus on training a pet and encouraging socialization. Exposing a pet to new situations and giving them opportunities to socialize with people and other animals can benefit their behavioral development.

Although some dogs and cats may get along with other animals, different animal species can’t always understand one another’s body language. Pet owners should expect such misunderstandings. When bringing a new pet into a home that already has a pet, especially one of a different species, owners should let the new pet adjust to their environment alone. Meanwhile, spending time with the first pet and giving them attention independent of the new pet can be helpful. Be sure to take measures that protect both pets when you think they’re ready to meet. For example, clipping cats’ claws or keeping dogs on leashes can make pets’ initial meetings safe.


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Owners should beware of animals outside the home. Rodents and small animals may avoid cats by instinct, but some animals may wander to homes and cause trouble with pets. Some animals, such as gophers, may be nuisances to pets and lawns. Gophers may return to yards to find and eat garden plants. Gophers often ruin lawns by making tunnels in yards and gnawing on sprinkler systems and plastic water lines. To solve the problem of unwanted gophers, pet owners should consult a business that offers professional gopher removal, such as All City Animal Trapping. This trustworthy California service provides humane methods of animal removal and pest control, the solution to homeowners’ animal troubles.

People who prepare for pets and handle business concerning health, finances, and space early on can focus their time and attention on enjoying their new best friend and household member.

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