Every business owner wants their business to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition. There are numerous ways to attempt this, from celebrity endorsements to elaborate media stunts, but perhaps the most important ways to stand out from the competition involves finding your unique selling proposition (USP) and utilizing excellent marketing strategies to sell your USP and ensure that everybody knows about your brand. Follow these top tips to put your business head and shoulders above your competitors.

Know your competition inside and out

Before you can rise above your competition, you need to get to know them. This means understanding their flaws and examining their strengths. Every business has competition, and competition analysis is one of the most vital steps in a business plan, as without it you won’t know what you are up against or what the existing market for your brand or product is like. Look at what your competitor’s prices are like, and look at their website, their marketing strategies, and what their customers say about them for inspiration. Although you don’t want to copy from them directly, you can still use what works for them to your advantage.

Find your USP

To truly stand out, your business is going to need a USP or unique selling proposition that offers something different to your competitors. Begin by looking at your target customer base and assessing what they want and need, so that your product or service will be valuable to them. Then analyze what your competitors offer and how they sell their services. Look at the spin they put on their product, and what kind of lifestyle their customers aspire to, as suggested by their advertising. As you try to hone your USP, hold focus group sessions with members of your target audience to gather feedback and opinions, as it is far better to be able to adapt your idea at this stage before you put everything into launching it. Identifying your USP will help you to market your brand effectively and target your sales pitches.

Take your product to the people via strong marketing strategies

Good marketing is the key to making your business stand out successfully. After all, if you don’t sell anything because nobody knows about your product, then your business is unlikely to last very long. Numerous elements fall under marketing, such as consumer research, traditional advertising, blogging, website, email contact, and social media marketing. Marketing is the bridge between your brand and your consumers, and good marketing hopefully results in high sales. It can be worth hiring a marketing professional or social media expert to raise your online profile and create shareable content, which in turn will attract new customers. You could also use a marketing automation service that can allow you to keep in touch with your customer base through customized emails and communication. This can be especially useful if you are a small company without a large staff team, but you want to retain the sense of personal contact with your customers. To raise your profile, try to tap into your local media channels, or even national if you can, as all news coverage is good news as it will get people talking about your business.


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