Earning money as a student isn’t always easy. Perhaps you found the perfect job waiting tables at a café close to campus, but they needed you to work at the same time that you had a lecture. Or, maybe you keep trying to get a job in a shop on campus or in the college library, but vacancies are scarce and filled quickly. Maybe you’re studying for a tax degree online and it’s difficult to get a job in your area. Whatever your reason for struggling to find employment as a student, blogging can be a great solution to this issue.

What to Blog About

One of the biggest questions that you’ll need to ask yourself when you first set up your blog is what you’re going to be blogging about. You might want to blog about your personal life as a student at your particular college, life studying for an online taxation masters degree, or provide information for other students on how to be successful and offer advice for university from someone who’s been there and experienced it. Or, you could bypass your education and instead blog about something else you’re passionate about, for example a hobby such as a sport, art or even cars! The best way to choose a topic is to think of something that you wouldn’t get sick of if you had to talk about it every day.

Acquiring Readers

Once you’ve set up your blog, which you can do easily with WordPress, and written your first blog post, it’s time to start attracting new readers. With so many blogs out there for people to choose from, it’s vital to actively promote your blog posts on social media and by sharing with your friends and asking them to pass it on. This will help you to build up your readership and gain more traffic to your blog. Once you’ve done this, it’s important to keep them interested with good interaction on social media, asking their opinions or for suggestions, and regularly providing them with interesting new content. Remember that acquiring new readers should be a long-term, consistent process.

Advertising and Making Money

As a student, blogging can be a nice hobby and a fun way to spend your time whilst learning new things. However, when you’re in need of money, you’ll want to start making an income from your blog as soon as possible. One of the best ways to do this is through advertisements. Adding text ads into your blog posts or even selling advertising space for banners on your blog is a good way to grab the attention of your readers to relevant products that they might need. Or, you might want to consider joining an affiliate marketing program, depending on the niche of your blog.

Making money as a student doesn’t always have to mean working late nights and missing out on study due to unsociable shifts. Starting your own blog allows you to generate an income whilst being your own boss as a student.

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