Do you or someone you know have high cholesterol? So many people look at nutrition labels because their doctors told them they need to watch their diet to lower their cholesterol but many people are misinformed and looking at the wrong information. You are not the only one and it is not your fault because your doctor believe, it or not, may knows nothing on nutrition. If you have high cholesterol then start looking at your food labels. You need to decreases the amount of saturated fat you are eating. Don’t worry that shrimp is high in cholesterol because it is low in saturated fat. I know it is a very mind boggling concept to grasp but eating saturated fat increases your blood cholesterol. Eating cholesterol does not affect blood cholesterol nearly as much as saturated fat. Okay so you now know the truth, watch out for those saturated fat but what has saturated fat? Saturated fat is the most wicked fat because your body has the most difficulty breaking it down and that is when it begins to collect in your arteries eventually clogging them. Saturated fat is in the foods we all love. FRIED FOODS! So opt for baked instead of fried chicken. One french fry has about one gram of saturated fat so stay away. A great substitution for this is to bake your own french fries instead of eating the fried ones out. Many people have asked me if any fast food restaurant has baked fries and the answer is no. I know it is less of a convenience but you will sure be saving your arteries if you can eat less french fries and buy orida or generic baked fries. What else is high in saturated fat? Egg yolks! You can eat more whites of the eggs just take out some of the yolk. Skin on any meat is high in saturated fat so take the skin off. Whole milk has more saturated fat then reduced fat varieties.

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