Do you or someone you know have high cholesterol? So many people look at nutrition labels because their doctors told them they need to watch their diet to lower their cholesterol, but many people are misinformed and look at the wrong information.

If you have high cholesterol, you need to decreases the amount of saturated fat you are eating. Don’t worry that shrimp is high in cholesterol because it is low in saturated fat. I know it is a very mind boggling concept to grasp, but eating saturated fat increases your blood cholesterol. Eating cholesterol does not affect blood cholesterol nearly as much as saturated fat.

But, what fooods have saturated fat? Saturated fat is the worst fat because the body has the most difficulty breaking it down, and it begins to collect in your arteries, eventually clogging them. Saturated fat is in foods most people love – fried foods. One french fry has about one gram of saturated fat. A great substitution for this is to bake your own french fries instead of eating the fried ones out.

What else is high in saturated fat? Egg yolks! You can eat more whites of the eggs, just take out some of the yolk. Skin on any meat is high in saturated fat so take the skin off. Whole milk has more saturated fat then reduced fat varieties.

Increasing your fiber consumption can help lower cholesterol. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate which your body can not absorb. Therefore, eating excess fiber attaches to some of the cholesterol in your body and you eliminate it when you go to the bathroom. Foods high in fiber are fruits, vegetbales, especially the skins of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. When looking at the labels if a serving has 3 grams of fiber or more that is good and if it has 5 grams or more that is even better. So eat fiber. The average american does not get the recommended daily fiber and 25 to 35 grams is recommended for adults. For kids under 18 it is their age plus 5 is how many grans they should consume. If you know what your blood cholesterol is and want to know if it is high you can find out here:

Also for a list of high saturated fat foods not mentioned:fatty meats such as beef, lamb, pork, poultry with skin, processed meats – bologna, hotdogs, other lunch meat, bacon, sausages, whole and 2% milk, butter, cheese, lard.

A high content of saturated fat can be found in some foods that come from plants such as: palm kernel oil, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter. THE BEST OILS lower in saturated fat are canola and olive oil. Even though these oils are lower in saturated fat you would still want to limit your amount and use only small amounts.

For new recipes to help lower your cholesterol and more information click here:

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