Just like how you manage your bankroll when you are playing online casino games for real money, the same applies when you are to look after your finances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are living in tough times with many businesses not in full operation because of lockdown and curfew. Therefore, for you to survive you will need to be very careful and responsible when it comes to your finances.

On that note, lets share with you some of the things you need to do to look after your finances during coronavirus.

Make an Emergency Budget

You need to access and take a look at the amount of money you have right now. You also need to look at the income that you are likely to generate in the coming months. This is actually a daunting task, but for you to have a good budget that will make you survive these tough times. And an emergency budget will assist you to be ready in case things get real nasty. This is because at the moment no one knows when all this will come to pass.

Figure Out how to Cut on Essential Spending

Yes, we all have essential needs that we need to take care of for our lives to go on smoothly. There are things such as electricity, food and rent. You need to find a way to cut on some these things so that your money will last longer. If it means you are going to cut on your groceries and best online casinos, so be it. If you are going to cut on electricity then that can be a good plan. Use less electricity and be able to save money.


You should notify your landlord if you are struggling to pay rent on time. This will allow you to discuss with them to have a payment plan so that you don’t strain your budget. You can even agree on rent reduction and notify your landlord the reasons for your plea so that they can understand.

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