Nowadays, our smartphones do a lot more for us than just allowing us to receive phone calls and text messages. In fact, smartphones do a lot more for us, including giving us directions, allowing us to watch movies, organising things for us, as well as let us play our favourite online casino games (for French casino games, visit Because of the fact that they are running ahead at full speed constantly, the batteries tend to burn out pretty quickly. And there’s nothing as bad as your battery running out at a time when you need to use your phone the most. Here, we show you how to keep your phone battery from dying.

Turn Down the Brightness

In order to prolong the life of your battery, you will need to turn down the screen brightness of your phone. Too many, this seems like an obvious tip but you will be surprised at the number of people who do not do this.

Mind Your Apps

It’s no secret that some phone apps will guzzle your battery because of their heavy graphics and audio. This is especially true for video games that come with ads. Make sure you are mindful of these apps. In addition, make sure that you close your apps when you are not using them. A lot of people tend to just minimize the apps that they are not using but this is not advisable. This is because the apps will keep running in the background, thereby draining power.

Download a Battery Saving App

There are a lot of battery saving apps on the app store, whether you are using iOS or Android. Make sure you download for yourself, a battery saving app like Battery HD+ or BetterBatteryStats. These apps will track the performance of your phone and then analyze the apps including online casinos app that are draining battery the most.

Turn Off the Wi-Fi Connection

Each time that your Wi-Fi connection is on, it means that your phone is constantly looking for a hotspot. This definitely means that your battery will be drained. For that reason, keep your Wi-Fi turned off, especially when you have no need for it.

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