Learning that you are pregnant is a very exciting time for both the mom to be and the dad to be. There is so much to prepare for, look forward to, and just feel happy about. At the same time, it’s important to take all the steps possible to help ensure the pregnancy is smooth and healthy from the start. If you’re wondering what steps you can take, here’s a look at a few.

Get Proper Health Care Immediately

The first step that women should take when suspecting or learning they are pregnant through a home pregnancy test is to schedule an appointment with their doctor immediately. Regular visits and follow-ups are key to having a healthy and smooth pregnancy.

Cut Out Habits that Can Harm the Baby

First things first, it’s time to cut out all those habits that can be harmful for the baby. This includes such things as marijuana use during pregnancy, drinking alcohol, and using drugs (both recreational, prescription, and non-prescription drugs). If there are any items you’re unsure of where safety is concerned, it’s best to cut them out immediately and speak to your doctor about them.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

This is something your doctor will likely tell you as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Getting on these vitamins immediately will ensure there are no gaps in the nutrition your growing baby needs. These vitamins are high in iron and folic acid, both of which are extremely important for the baby’s development.

Make Healthy Food Choices

Nowadays we understand that everything the woman eats, the baby is getting too. The baby is looking to its mother to gather all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to grow and develop. With that said, healthy food choices are extremely important. This doesn’t mean you can’t still indulge in sweets and treats here and there, but you want to be sure you’re getting enough healthy items as well.

One area you will want to watch closely is your protein intake. When you are pregnant you need almost double your regular amount of protein. Women require 45g of protein regularly, but when pregnant it jumps to 70g.

Include Regular Exercise in your Routine

Pregnancy shouldn’t signal the end of exercising, in fact just the opposite should be true. Staying fit and active throughout your pregnancy will help you stay energized, keep you in a good mood, and make delivery that much easier.

You just need to be a bit more mindful of the exercises you do and how long you perform them for. It’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor about what is recommended.

Putting Your Health First

By putting your own health first during pregnancy, you will be benefiting the baby as well. Making sure you eat well, and get enough rest, regular exercise, and proper health care will make your pregnancy that much smoother. If problems do arise, you will also be able to deal with them that much better.

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