Insurance companies are continuously increasing rates to cover flooding, forest fires and other natural disasters. With this said, as a consumer you have the right to affordable car insurance. But, how do you manage to avoid the high rates? Contrary to believe, there are many ways to avoid paying the high premiums charged by some insurers. However, you will need to be diligent in your search for an insurer and research efforts. To help get you started in the right direction, several tips are provided below.


Comparison Shopping


You would not just go out and purchase a high-ticket item without doing research. No, you would start your shopping expedition, by conducting thorough research on the item. This will allow you to explore the many details, features and benefits offered by the product. Then you would start searching for the lowest prices. Well, you should follow the same steps to find the best rates on auto insurance which will also cover the cost of driving without insurance.

Comparison-shopping is the best and only way to reach your goal. Now, you may question just to go about doing this. Well, you start by getting quotes from several insurance providers in your locality and online. Most insurers offer quotes through their website, over the phone and in person. All you need to do is put in the effort. Once you collect the quotes, you will then need to compare them to see which insurer is offering you the lowest rates.

Not only should you focus on the rates, but also pay close attention to the coverage. One insurer may offer you more coverage than the other insurers, without charging you an outrageous premium.

 Choose Higher Deductibles

 Click here to discover new ways to avoid motor vehicle collisions. Another great way to get the lowest auto insurance rate is higher deductibles. However, there are downsides to choosing higher deductibles on your plan, because it can be risky. Higher deductibles mean you will be forced to pay more out of pocket for accidents. If you can accept these risks and believe your finances can handle the extra out-of-pocket cost, then you should very well go with higher deductibles.

Before choosing higher deductibles, you should speak with your insurance agent first. This expert will provide you with a list of the risk of making such a decision and also provide you with a rate compared with lower deductibles and higher deductibles.

Safety Devices

 Most insurers are willing to offer their customers discounts for automotive safety devices. These gadgets could include anything from backup sensing systems to electrochromic mirror/auto-dimming mirrors. All you need to do is prove to the insurer that these devices are installed on your vehicle. If you are lucky, you could reduce your premium by at least 10 percent. If these devices are not already installed on your vehicle, you can purchase aftermarket devices, which are available at automotive stores and online.

Safety Courses

Enrolling in a driving safety course can also score you a discount. However, some insurers may not offer this type of discount, so speak with your insurance agent prior to signing up for the course.

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