How to Cope with a Scam

We are all bombarded daily with scam operations offering monies, asking ‘checking’ info on some bank account, credit card or whatever. We found ourselves being hit with what looked like such with a more aggressive approach: phone calls and a letter from “Finders Keepers.” What was particularly gross about the letter was a first page claiming to have found a resource belonging to us which would be sent on minus a 10% finders fee for Finders Keepers. We need only send in the form with info on a second page which authorized Finders to have sent to it a check for ANY resource belonging to us (which it would forward minus 10%). I suppose that might include a tax refund or whatever?

So I set out to get this off to our Attorney General’s office. The NYC information number (311) could not provide it and recommended our local police precinct. They in turn could not steer us to the AG, but said we should come in and report to them. Finally I discovered a number which I did not know existed — 411 — and it gave me the AG # for Manhattan which I called and explained my suspicions. They gave me the AG fax # — 212-416-8787 — to which I sent Finders Keepers which they promised would be read by a specialist who would call me back. That was late Friday and I have not yet had a response. Will report on it when it

Ed Kent

P.S. Google produces Finders as such:

Finders Keepers

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