Having a good reputation for your business is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Potential customers use your reviews to determine if you are reliable or not.

A large percentage of consumers check online reviews before making a decision to buy. According to research, 87% of potential customers won’t patronize businesses with low ratings. In addition, 80% of these customers will come back to share their brand perception of your product or service, either giving you a positive review or a negative one based on their experiences.

So, yes; online reviews and recommendations are a big deal. But how exactly does online review help your business grow?

They build brand confidence

Potential customers are not in a haste to hand over their money to just anybody, they have to be sure your business is reliable before doing business with you. And reviews give them a sense of confidence as they can get through existing reviews on your site to get a better understanding of what you do and why you are better than your competitors.

They help you identify where to improve on

 You can use positive and negative reviews to identify areas in your business where you need to improve on. It helps you find out whether your customers are happy or unhappy with your services. When you identify these areas and work on them, you can then convince these unsatisfied customers to come back.

Reviews are contents also

“In today’s culture, people are used to reading reviews before spending money,” writes Curtis Boyd, CEO/Founder of Future Solutions Media. “They inspire confidence in a service or product, as good reviews can be hard to come by in something of interest. They also let all the words do all the selling for you.”

“When you start using good reviews about your company as content, you are doing multiple things simultaneously,” adds Boyd.

He listed some of these other side benefits as:

  • Letting your old customers assist you in obtaining new customers.
  • Getting free, unique, and relevant content for your social media channels.
  • Showing potential customers that great experience with your company can be expected.

It improves customer relationship

Reviews works like social media; it opens a new line of communication between you and your customers. It is advisable to respond to customers’ reviews as it gives a human face to your business.
It is free advertising

Nobody is opposed to some free advertising. Every review on your website, whether good or bad, is an advertisement. It also improves your page ranking in search engines. The more your company and website is mentioned in reviews, the higher your page will be ranked. This in turn leads to increase in exposure and brand awareness.
It improves your click through rates (CTRs)

Using schema markup on your website makes it possible to have your business reviews displayed in the organic search results next to your website listing. It draws more attention to your website by displaying your star ratings in the search results.
It provides necessary feedback

Reviews can give you the much needed feedback for a new product, service or campaign that you launched. You can tell what is working and what is not working and know where to make adjustments.
How Do You Get Positive Online Reviews for your Business?

  • Interact with your customers and respond to any inquiry or questions in a polite and timely manner.
  • Even if a customer dropped a negative review, respond positively. Thank them for the feedback and offer solutions to the problem.
  • Email customers after they have purchased your products and ask them if they would like to leave a feedback.
  • Create surveys and questionnaires on your website or social media where your customers can review your business.
  • Send emails to your customer asking them how they enjoyed using your products and offering tips and suggestions on how to get better value from your products or services.
  • Create tutorial and explainer videos with links to your website and upload on YouTube and your social media platforms.
  • Offer incentives to your customers to encourage them to leave a review. This can be a discount on a future purchase or access to premium pages on your website. Never pay people to write positive reviews.

Reviews are not great just at convincing potential customers to choose you over your competitors, they also benefit your business by reassuring potential customers and helping you improve on your products or services.
Want to start receiving reviews on your website but don’t know how to proceed? Citywide SEO can point you in the right direction with their Reputation Management Process. With hundreds of options to choose from, your potential customers need to know that your business will offer them the excellent service they need.

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