While the press is full of news about Boyance and Justin Bieber, one of the completely ignored stories has been how China is busy taking over Africa.

Not politically, of course, but by investing in minerals, exporting their cheap goods to Africa and establishing stores there to sell things cheaply, and by investing in farm land, where they are improving the ability to grow crops by using modern high yield seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.

One of the dirty little secrets is that too many western NGO’s opposed modern agriculture and even encouraged countries to reject the “green revolution” that has made Asia able to export grain, and has made some African countries forbid GM crops, which could eliminate the need for using risky chemicals in rural areas.

China, of course, is infamous for supporting countries and being “non judgemental”: i.e. it’s okay if you are a dictator and steal everything in sight, as long as we can make a profit.

There is a  lot of resentment against the Chinese in some countries, because they are snobs,because a lot of the goods they sell are shoddy, and because they do undermine local entrepeneurs, but as a whole, they have been successful so far, and the western press, who still sees Africa as a basket case, has failed to see how that continent is changing.

Most Africans rejoiced when a Son of Africa was elected president of the United States, but the dirty little secret is that he has few African ties except for those of genetics. He was brought up by a pious Muslim business-friendly stepfather in religiously tolerant Indonesia, but later learned the Afro American style  theology, a  theology of fighting for freedom that has more in common with Marxist liberation theology popular in the US and among the African educated elites than with the average African. And one of the bad things about Marxism is that it pushes an “us vs them” rebellious mindset, whereas the African cultures stress that it is necessary to cooperate and respect those in charge.

President Obama’s rejection of his step father’s teachings have led to business unfriendly policies in the US, and most egregiously, his latest agenda includes an aggressive rejection of traditional sexual morality by forcing American Catholics to fund contraception and abortion, and now, by “punishing” Muslim and Christian states in Africa for refusing to approve of the gay agenda of some European or American elites..

The latest victim: The passage of “homophobic” laws in Uganda.

This move has been blamed on the usual “right wing fundamentalist” churches from the US, ignoring the fact that 70 percent of Ugandans are Anglican or Catholic, and that the rage against western pornographic morality has resulted in women being shamed in Uganda’s eastern states where many Muslim live.

The real reason for the passage of these laws has more to do with a push back against the west’s pressure to legalize a sexual agenda that includes population control, abortion on demand, approval of teenage sexuality and gay rights.

Christianity in Africa was once embraced by many seeking an alternative to tribal rules and usually the students just joined the churches that ran their schools so they could get jobs with the colonial masters. But since the end of colonial days, the upsurge of Christian converts has been because the churches are now run by locals.

This means that these churches often are confronted with the problems of their own society: including the breakdown of family structure by colonial policies that encouraged men (but not women) to move to cities and work in factories or mines.

So now, countries whose main problem is corruption and poverty are being told by their European and American masters to “legalize” the gay issues that even in most of the USA have been imposed on a lethargic populace by judicial fiat accompanied by the drum beat in the mainstream media and by the culture of entertainment.

Wait a second: Isn’t “Multiculturalism” supposed to be about being sensitive to other cultures? Not really. It’s about political correctness and making those who oppose the elite to be quiet.

The dirty little secret is that people from other cultures see the world differently, and that includes a deep religious belief, the idea of tribal identity, the importance of family ties, and the knowledge that without a strong family to protect you, you end up with chaos and anarchy.

Are there “gays” in Africa? Well, all countries report that one or two percent of the populations have same sex orientation, and another ten percent who might have had same sex experience but are usually heterosexual in their orientation. LINK Each culture works out their own way of dealing with this.

But in countries where family ties are needed, the western version of the “gay agenda” (which implies accepting some pretty rauchous behavior) is seen as just one more push of Western society against the family.

To make things worse is the taboo subject of rape, pedophilia and sexual harassment in hierarchical societies where one must cooperate with those above you, be it a school teacher, a pastor, an uncle, or an employer.  This too has colonial implications: because nine months after the Europeans arrived, the “mixed blood” children started popping up too.

Some of this has been documented by women’s groups, but the fact that this happens to boys and man is an open secret, as is the prevalence of sexual harassment and male rape in times of anarchy and tribal war. Male on male rape is also being done, mainly as a way of punishment.
Time magazine report here. 
NYTimes article here. 
UKGuardian report here.

In effect, when you talk about “gay rights” in the west (and in urban South Africa) you mean two men who are free individuals and on an equal status being able to love each other without society punishing them.

But in Africa, this translates as letting men sexually abuse those beneath them, and to allow the growing gay tourist trade from Europe to have sex with poor men desperate to support their families, and seduce street kids without fear of punishment.

So where does China come into this?
Well, Uganda’s president is pushing this “anti gay” bill because he is corrupt and to distract the population from his other crimes. But the point is that he is able to pass gay legislation because too many people know boys or men who have been abused in their extended family, and think this law will stop the west from making such abuse legal.

Alas, the west doesn’t just give speeches to pass the law: Both European countries and America have threatened that Uganda will lose aid if they pass the law, as have many NGO’s.

Nor is Uganda alone: From the (gov’t run) Zim Herald:An article about Uganda passing an “anti gay bill”

In a speech after signing the law, President Museveni warned Western nations not to meddle in the east African nation’s affairs — and that he was not afraid of aid being cut.
Some donors were quick to punish Kampala by freezing or redirecting aid money, while Sweden’s Finance Minister Anders Borg, who visited the country on Tuesday, said the law “presents an economic risk for Uganda”.
The Netherlands froze a seven-million-euro subsidy to Uganda’s legal system, while Denmark and Norway said they would redirect around six million euros each towards private sector initiatives, aid agencies and rights organisations.


Translation: We Europeans/Americans don’t care if you mistreat political opponents or steal everything in sight, but if you don’t approve our gay rights agenda you will be toast.

China doesn’t give a damn about any of this: They just want to make money.

And the ultimate result of cutting western aid/investments will be an economic/political vacuum that will allow China to flourish.

And since China is the second largest trading partner for Uganda, I suspect they are rubbing their hands in glee

Uganda is rich in food and mineral resources that China needs. And OH: Did I mention about Uganda’s oil boom?



Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines





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