It is a tune that no-one has ever heard of. The composer is unknown, long lost in history. It is the tune that is used to accompany the hymn Glad That I Live Am I. It is unknown when someone attached words to it. But this is pretty much the way that hymns came into being.

I just love the tune. In its purest and prettiest, most dressed up form the honor has to go to Rick Wakeman.

A close second is Richard Jasper’

Richard’s version is great, it is technical perfection. The problem is, he has the words. They are wonderful, no sensible person could not enjoy them. It is a light and bright celebration of life.

Coming in at a distant  third is the tune played on an organ. I love pipe organs, but they are hard to beat into submission for light and airy pieces.

Every time I hear Waters End I go into think mode. The tune was written as a tune. The words were added many years later. Much though I love the words to Glad That I Live Am I, I would love to see it regenerated.

There is a repeating musical phrase that screams out ‘down by the waters end’. I would love to see someone attach new words to this very wonderful tune. I wish I had a more creative side, but song writing is outside of my realm.

Simon Barrett

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