How to you like your turkey? If your like me you look forward to a moist juicy turkey sitting on your table. There are many traditional ways to cook a bird there are also some not so traditional. Whichever way you prefer many Americans this coming week will serve up Thanksgiving in their own style. The best turkey I ever had was cooked all night on 200 degree temperature. The smells by early morning grabbed my attention. Cooking a bird over 12 hours seems unorthodox to many but once the birds internal temperature reached 165 degrees its ready for the table. I had never had cooked a bird that slow before and after one bite it convinced me it was the best turkey ever. Now some of you may not agree with the method but to me this was the best way. That bird was so delicious I never got tired of the leftovers I had that week. An added touch was the cornbread stuffing we made which went along with the bird. Whichever way you like to serve up your holiday I wish you the best. For other Holiday turkey recipes go here

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