I interviewed Nick Van Eede of the 80’s band Cutting Crew yesterday. They have a new CD out ‘Add To Favourites’. No that is not a spelling mistake, Nick and his band are Brits.

Cutting Crew have been around since 1985, and the really big break came in 1987 when (I Just) Died In Your Arms shot to #1 on the billboard charts.

I am sure that everyone that does interviews has their own formula, I certainly do. I like to play two tracks and I always want the musician or band to select those tracks.

Nick asked that one of the tracks played on air should be ‘Berlin In Winter’. The track is fine, it is a typical 80’s style ballad, but the story behind it is unique.

It turns out the band was playing in Berlin the week the wall came down. It had only been two years since the band had had a #1 hit in the US and Europe so the band was pretty upset to find there were a total of 12 people in the audience. Nick Explains:

“The problem was the wall, everyone was at the wall, bringing it down. We invited all 12 onto the stage, played 6 songs, then grabbed all the beer from behind stage and the band and the audience went to help dismantle the wall”

I have heard many stories about how a songwriter gets inspiration, but this is the best yet!

Here is a snippet of the song

If you missed the live broadcast of the interview you can catch the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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