Palestine is back in news on so it is  every where in the Muslim world, on their dining tables, marriages, offices, Friday sermons, supplications, charity, every where it is Palestine, as if Palestine is the only problems faced by the Muslim world. As if the wounds of Afghans and Iraqi’s are healed, as if the hungry Ethiopians get sufficient food. It is only Palestine in focus. The wise actions are replaced by aggressive sermons, demonstrations, boycott of US Israel products, but for a temporary time.

Nobody questions to the muftis and the leaders as to who lifted up the last boycott of colas and when?

Let me present some fatwas of prominent scholars of Muslim world on the Palestine Issue and how should we respond it.

Earlier on Sunday 14 April, 2002 Shaykh Saalih ibn Fowzaan, via his open question-answer session on PalTalk, was asked about the position of a Muslim concerning what is happening now in Palestine,

He was asked “What is the ruling pertaining to demonstrations, and are they considered to be from jihad in the path of Allaah?”

So he replied: “There is no benefit in demonstrations. Rather they are confusion. They are from confusion, disorder. And what harm will be done to the enemy if the people demonstrate a street amongst the streets and raise their tongues?! Rather, this is from the matters on account of which the enemy actually rejoices, and so he says that he has harmed them and cause damage to them, so the enemy rejoices with this.

Even Sheikh Nasirudin Albani has the same opinion.

If you analyze it , these arguments have weight.  When the UN looks away and when 45 plus Muslim states are quite, fearing the same fate as Saddam, the Palestinians have very little options.

Though demonstrations are not un Islamic yet it is not beneficial for the community. On the contrary if it fails to collect a large mob then there are minus marks for the callers. Except for a few occasions, that is what precisely happens when ever there is a demonstration from the Muslim side.

The demonstrations and boycotts are not going to win Gaza back nor is it sufficient enough to break US Israel economy. It is also not going to tell the world that the Muslims are powerfully united. A few hundred Muslims in a multi million populated city, gathering to demonstrate against Israel Invasion invites more  pity than support, because the first message that goes is why are Muslims themselves so  less in numbers in the demonstrations?

The boycott of US-Israel products can have some impact in Muslim nations but not in a country where Muslims are in minorities, with a majority of this minority being among the “have not” class. Surely this type of flop boycotts and paper thin demonstrations sends negative signals to others, one of them “the Muslims are not united even for their own cause. It is true that as good Muslims we do feel hurt of the killing of innocents whether the killing is in Baghdad invasion or Gaza invasion or Mumbai terror attack.

When the leaders are not strong enough to fight back and very less help from around, its time to look at the pre Hijrah period of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and weigh other options like Hijrah , the mass migration and strengthen the community outside till  the next generation is ready with MBAs ,military generals, economist media personalities. Then Palestine is ready to win back its lost territory. Other wise making hundreds of women widow and children into orphan and handicap exposing them to Jewish operation, is a faulty decision, I would say unwise.

Nisaar Yusuf is an avid student of Interfaith dialogues and also serves as a trainer to Muslims in PR for Islam. He can be reached at:

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