We as an audience sometimes take for granted the sheer athletic spectacles which we witness on a regular basis when we watch two professional sports teams compete head to head. Professional Athletes are sheer athletic specimens, so it’s important to understand that these people have worked tirelessly their entire lives to reach the point at which they currently reside in the professional sports domain. Few children don’t at some point aspire to be a professional baseball player or starting quarterback, so let’s look at some ways these athletes are able to maintain hugh a high grade of performance for so long.

Carefully Constructed Diets

For any current professional athlete, their entire life has been building up to these moments which they currently find themselves in. They have been studying the ways of those who came before them and probably had a more rigorous diet and exercise schedule in middle school than you currently have now. From caloric intakes to meticulously crafted menus, these athletes are expected to maintain themselves at all times. For an NFL Player, they can have everything from weight stipulations to curfews included in their contracts as a means of putting a monetary incentive on their every move. Maintaining proper fitness levels and making sure they are well rested go equally well together towards optimal fitness and end goals which the organization wants the player to achieve.


These athletes must be incredibly careful with what they put in the bodies (more on the negative stigma associated with that later). With hyper-specific drug testing implemented into almost every major professional sport, anti-doping is the new focus of professional organizations everywhere. Natural supplements have been turned to by athletes for years, but the new breakthroughs in workout supplements allow them to train even harder. For even the most amateur fitness aficionado, the incorporation of natural and multivitamin supplements into a well structure diet can pay massive dividends, both in weight loss as well as muscle development.


Detailed Overall Fitness Regimens

These athletes are turned into machines at a very young age, and these early habits persist with them, at times ingrained in their everyday lives. Most athletes wake up every day and have a meticulously planned routine which they’ve worked out with their own personal trainer including everything from meal plans to workout routines. These players typically work with their own personal trainers on top of the staff trainers they work with on a daily basis, so there’s input coming in from all sides.

As professional athletes spend half of their year on the road, it’s important that they have a routine like this to keep themselves on pace. It’s entirely too easy to fall off a schedule like the ones they work within, so it’s important that they always have access to adequate facilities while on the road and their teams do well to provide these stipulations for them.

Avoiding Unwanted Attention

An athlete’s image is an incredibly important aspect of their overall brand, so it’s essential that they convey the proper image at all times. With more fans becoming involved in fantasy sports, these players are only coming under more scrutiny for anything that may take place both on and off the field. We’ve seen it happen all too often where a player’s entire career is tarnished by notable bad press. For the likes of Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, and even Alex Rodriguez, they became all too familiar with this during the steroid era and will likely never recover from the steroid stigma attached to their names. Even with respect to Barry Bonds, his record breaking feats will all come attached with an asterisk following the steroid suits, so it’s important for players to steer well clear of anything similar.

No sport or athlete is perfect, and there have been plenty of news stories with everything ranging from domestic violence to substance abuse in recent headlines. Not too far off comes the recent allegations surrounding Patrick Kane and Alexander Ovechkin’s rampant drinking problems. These two incredibly talented hockey players which could be headed for ugly reputations is someone doesn’t point them to the nearest AA Meeting; I’m quite sure they won’t be too hard to find in Chicago and Washington DC respectively, and just in time for the playoffs.






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