Who doesn’t? And as if anybody in Houston could help. That Airbus makes impressive technology was already a well-known fact, but that they could also build planes able to sink as fast as the US dollar can was thought to be absolutely impossible. Up until now, that is. But it turns out that they can. And now scientists have figured out how they do it. Any company can do this, it seems: All you have to do is sell your products in dollars and pay your employees in euros.

But there’s more. If you really want to fly with the eagles, base your infamous Airbus “Power8” reorganization plan (the firing of 10,000 people and selling of several production facilities) on an exchange rate of $1.30 to $1.35 and then watch in awe as that ever-reliable US greenback drops even lower to around $1.50 where it is now. No wonder German Airbus boss Thomas O. Enders is talking about needed adjustments to counterbalance the “life-threatening” effects the weak dollar is having upon his company.

I think it’s high time that the Europeans consider paying their employees with a gentler and nicer and even friendlier currency than that high-flying euro. No, not the dollar (these people do have to eat, you know). But maybe temporarily introducing the Peso would quiet things down for awhile. Just an idea.

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