A housing association in the UK has been facing anger from a number of its tenants who are living in homes that are contaminated with asbestos. Residents are particularly angry at the goodwill gesture made by the housing association, which was to offer residents in each of the homes a voucher for one hundred GBP to decorate their homes for Christmas.

Sixty residents from a scheme in Romsey met up with officials from the housing association, which was Testway. The residents have said that the housing association has failed to take action, and has left them in danger living in contaminated buildings exposed to asbestos. Asbestos is know to cause the asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma.

One resident claimed he had to throw out around forty thousand GBP worth of his belongings because they were contaminated and had to live in a caravan at the bottom of his drive for months. The housing association is now carrying out an investigation into how residents have been treated.

One resident said: “Testway have buried their heads in the sand. It is the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen in the future. I have four children and we could die. We have all been using those towels, clothes, underwear, which has now been destroyed in controlled conditions. Should we really be living in our homes?”

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