From USA Today’s Sports Section:: “House panel takes step to force college football playoff”.Is there anything in this entire country that the Federal Government doesn’t want to control?Today (12/9/09) the House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee (Energy and Commerce??) took an authoritative step in wrenching control of College Football from the NCAA by passing a measure that would “ban the promotion of a postseason NCAA Division I football game as a national championship unless that title contest is the result of a playoff.”I’m not a big sports fan so I don’t have any emotional stake in the decision of the House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee and, in truth, this is probably the last anyone will hear of the committee’s proposal — it has next to no chance of making it into law — but the sheer audacity of the U.S. Government making a proposal like this really floors me.The whole thing was, reportedly, the brainchild of a Republican Representative from Texas, Joe Barton. Barton sez: “the BCS system is unfair and won’t change unless prompted by Congress.”Representative Joe Barton has been a Representative since 1984 and has apparently well please his constituents and he has been a rock-solid Conservative on almost every issue, especially the global warming scam where he has been a ‘champion’ but he apparently has to get his head screwed on right, and continually, until he understands that there are logical as well as legal limits on the power of Congress.Rep. Barton: We have a National Debt that has reached the outer limits of reality, we have Democrats proposing legislation that will raise taxes and potentially put many small and medium businesses out of business. Please limit your interest in College Football to weekends when you are at the games or watching them with a beer in your hand. Just because you are a U.S Representative you don’t have to bring your personal garbage to Capitol Hill and waste even more of our money on matters that don’t belong there.Not that you are the first! In 2007 Senator George Mitchell concluded a 21 month investigation into “the Illegal Use of Steroids and Other Performance Enhancing Substances by Players in Major League Baseball” — his report, called simply the Mitchell Report, was a scandalous waste of 21 months of OUR time and money investigating a situation that I can’t, not even through the wildest stretches of my imagination, justify as the business of the U.S. Government.

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