The DeSoto Regional Health System is facing possible action from the DEQ as a result of failure to follow proper notification and removal procedures in relation to asbestos. The regional manager of the DEQ stated that as a result of this enforcement action may have to be taken against the hospital.

It was confirmed that asbestos is present in a partly renovated part of the hospital, but that construction work had not resulted in any of the deadly fibers being released into the air. A DEQ official stated: “We want them to understand what they did was contrary to the regulations and we expect them to do better next time.”

John Domansky, DeSoto Regional’s interim CEO, stated: “Because I have yet to receive, much less review, the DEQ report, I really cannot comment other than to say we will do whatever is required to proceed in what is in the best interest of our patients, their families, the community, our physicians and staff.”

He added: “I can say that I am also waiting for the official laboratory results from our environmental consulting firm that we engaged as a result of some excellent references from other leading health care organizations in the area.”

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