Byrd and Melanie Billings were murdered in their bedroom on July 9.
This simple statement actually does not reveal the brutality of what happened in Escambia County, Florida on July 9. Byrd and Melanie were not drug dealers, they were not mob related, they were not on anyones ‘hit list’ that anyone can think of. Yet they met their demise at the hands of what was clearly a well planned and well coordinated event.

Six to eight people are being sought, at least 5 were dressed ‘ninja’ style. They broke into the home, and killed the couple. The motive supposedly was robbery, but even the police are having a hard time swallowing that one. This couple was known for acting as foster parents, and for giving the best care available.

The police have a surprising amount of information, and they are not yet sharing much of it. However they are saying that three people entered through the front door, and two via the back door. One can assume that the ‘six to eight’ number of suspects comes from people keeping watch, or driving escape vehicles.

The Billings were known as deep and caring parents, it has been reported that they had 17 children in their charge. Why would someone do such a thing? Why kill this couple?

Theories are rampant. And the cops do have a couple of ‘persons of interest’ in custody.

I got a rather cryptic email message from a good friend of mine. Watch Nancy Grace tonight, the story is going to be featured. Maybe some information will be forthcoming on this very strange and very disturbing case.

Simon Barrett

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