Horomsi:Who Are These Journalists Behind Jammeh? FJC To Replace Jammeh?
Horomsi:Who Are These Journalists Behind Jammeh?

Speaker FJC shared a hotel room with an unmarried Gambian whilst in Taiwan

“FJC also did told me that she was going to succeed President Jammeh one day.”

President Yahya Jammeh is hell bent on ridiculing two former government reporters, Bunja Touray and Jankai Fatty, the daughter of Sankung Fatty former Managing Director of Gambia’s Social Security office. Thanks to our state house cameraman, we are able to lay our hands onto these pictures apparently caricaturing the two journalists. It’s inhumane to say the least for our President to expose our journalists into such indecent appearance.President Jammeh has nothing to gain by trying to lower the image of these former GRTS reporters. Our old friend Bunaja Touray should not be mad with us,ours is to carry our required journalistic job by exposing the atrocities of this administration. Your photographs is widely circulated. It’s beyond Gambia’s frontiers, that we can tell you. We even doubt if Bunja and Jankai Fatty have given approval to the State House to run the said clandestine caricature images. We at  the Freedom are aware of the ongoing moves spearheaded by Ebrima JT Brown, our former journalist trainee  at the Observer and the President himself  to threaten  our cameraman. Well, the two will fail woefully. We have contacts at the photo lab, where Jammeh’s pictures are developed. These contacts are very loyal to the Freedom Newspaper. They have promised to work with us despite Jammeh’s new pictures embargo. Labeling  your images will not save you at all. There are people at the state house who hated Yahya Jammeh in all aspects. Jammeh is far from being secured. His down fall will come as a surprise to him.

During a meeting at the state house, Sulayman Gassama was warned by the NIA to refrain from allowing the Freedom Newspaper to have access their images. Gassama was accused of being our accredited photographer at the State House, a charge he Gassama denied. Information Minister Neneh Macdwol Gaye went as far as threatening to sack Gassama and the state house web master for allowing Freedom to “have direct access to the President’s images.” For Neneh, she believes  that there was a conspiracy reached between the Freedom Newspaper and the State House Press office. If the fired  state house Press Director Mam Sait Ceesay is reading Horomsi at this hour, your sacking was engineered by Neneh who told the President that you used Madam Sarr’s password to dispatch a piece to the Freedom Newspaper on the expulsion of the UNDP representative to the Gambia by the government. But this was a conspiracy between Neneh and Madam Sarr to get rid of you. Even though, we are against Mam Sait’s low life, we are morally obliged to speak the truth. A military official at the state house said Madam Sarr and Neneh used the state house server to dispatch the said communication to frame Mam Sait. The soldier is very close to Neneh. Neneh briefed  him on a daily basis about the President’s  activities and his next line of action. Mam Sait is gone, but the bigger plan is yet to be executed by Neneh and co. We know what they are upto and time will tell.They will turn one day and say Horomis said it before.

For the past couples of months, I have been silent.  My silence was done in good faith. I was busy traveling through the sub-region. Yahya Jammeh is making the biggest mistake by allowing  sellouts like Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay, Neneh Macwdowl Gaye, VP Isatou Njie Saidy, the Banjul Mayor, and other women folks to dictate to him how to run the affairs of this country. The same women folks will lead to his demise. FJC cannot keep secrets,like Neneh, Isatou and Madam Njie. A colleague of mine did told me that he was going out with FJC, while working at the GRTS.There are other local journalists  who had encounters with this woman. She likes  cute young men. If Jammeh thinks that FJC is a  “gold”  he must be kidding for real.FJC must  be panicking at this hour, but Horomsi cannot help but to spill the beans. Since FJC had accepted the position of a speaker, her life is no longer private. Horomsi will report extensively about her past private life as a citizen of this country. We will name the people she messes  with it and careless about how the Jammeh leadership reacts to our revelations. We are not in the business of smearing peoples images, but the position of a speaker is too important to be lowered. FJC lacks the qualities of a speaker. That said, we have solid facts to back up our claims. Lend me your ears and I will tell you who FJC is.

FJC is not decent at all. Gambian journalists who covered the Taiwanese elections some years ago can attest to this fact.  FJC shared a hotel room with an unmarried Gambian, during the Taiwanese polls. The Taiwanese authorities were shocked by the nominated MP’S comportment and even asked how on earth the two could share the same room without been legally married. But guess what? FJC downplayed the concerns and said the delegate was his brother. A grown up man who shared no biological ties with FJC being called a brother? This is ridiculous. Under Gambian norms and values, it’s wrong for a married woman to share the same bed with a grown up man who is not her husband. It’s also wrong for FJC to treat his husband in such way by inviting men at her house.  We do not want to put all our cards  on the table for now, but if FJC dares to dispute our claims, we would be compelled to call names. FJC once told me that the President was his buddy. That they have been going out. Whether true or false her recent appointment as a speaker speak volumes. FJC also did told me that she was going to succeed President Jammeh one day. FJC has always entertained the belief that she was from a leadership clan and was bound to be a leader sooner or later. Many senior security chiefs are close to FJC. The Interior Minister Ousman Sonko and Lang Tombong Tamba are his boy boys. FJC spent most her precious time calling the two. They talked about security among others. Sonko and Tamba helped to facilitate her appointment as speaker. We know the motives of the two and will expose it in due course. Horomis is determined to profile our so called speaker with dubious and questionable credentials.

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