Horomsi:Private company owners in the Gambia have accused President Yahya Jammeh of “forcing them to extend financial help to his government.” during his so called victory celebrations. The concerned business executives said they were made to contribute several thousands of Dalasis or risk being termed as anti-government establishments. Most of the monies collected went into the pockets of some people acting as agents of the President. The concerned business owners said they were compelled to sponsor advertisements on the Daily Observer to wish Jammeh a happy new term and future ruling. Three top guns were implicated in the said graft which has been going for a while now. Sports Minister Omar Fye,Sos Neneh Macdowl Gaye and Observer’s Saja Taal. It’s not clear what these individuals are up to but have been acting as if they were mandated to raise money on behalf of the Gambian Government. An aggrieved businessman told this paper that the government is using them for political gains these days. The businessman said failure to extend financial help to the regime in festivities of this nature might be viewed as being “disloyal to the system.” “I have made to contribute D20,000 Dalasis. Even though, I don’t support the government, I have do this to survive. otherwise, they might close my business or expose me to persecution.”said the businessman.

According to investigations conducted by the Freedom Newspaper,Omar Fye, Neneh Macdowl Gaye and Saja Taal have been urging people to extend financial help to the government since according to these sources “the three claimed that the government lacked the funds to host such a major event.” As a result of their appeal, some APRC officials uses their names to obtain funds from such business men in the country.

“They visit business owners in their homes and offices insisting that they must contribute on Jammeh’s victory celebrations.They also urged people to sponsor adverts on the Observer by promoting Jammeh’s policies.They came to my office and asked me to extend financial help.They collect monies from people without issuing receipts.”said the businessman.

According to the disgruntled businessman the government is keen at soliciting financial help from them,but at the same time tries to discriminate them when it comes to contract awarding.”Most of the projects are awarded to Amadou Samba and Mustapha Njie. These people are running businesses on behalf of the President. It’s unfair for the government to ask us money when it is hell bent on denying us projects. My company is employing many youths, but the never give me contracts. I have the means to run such contracts, but they are discriminating me.”said the businessman.

It’s gathered that the private business sector contributed close to D1Million in the just concluded APRC victory celebrations. Companies such as Gamcel,Africell and Gamtel footed half of the bill,sources said.

SoS Fye,Gaye and Taal are corrupt souls who are ready to sell their persons to earn a living.They lie to the President in a bid to win favours. This paper gathered that the three have been telling Banjuians that whatever they tell Jammeh that what he does. SOS Neneh Macdowl in particular has conspired with her husband to issue licenses to non Gambians to run communication businesses in the Gambia with the sole aim of expecting kickbacks. We will reveal the names of these businesses at the right time. Let Gaye make noise and see what would happened. Pa Gaye is running his own business in the Gambia, which is no secret to ordinary Banjulians. We know his shop.

According to an insider at the state house,President Jammeh is condoning Neneh Macdowl’s corrupt activities because he had some relationship with the lady.”Jammeh relationship with the sos is no secret here.The woman does what she wants without any fear. The President would be the last person to discipline SOS Gaye. It was Neneh who implicated Omar Ndow and other GAMTEL Staffers. The same Neneh sacked the GAMTEL board since she had designed a new way to dupe the company. The new GAMTEL MD Katim Touray should watch his back, as he is working with a dangerous and vicious lady.”said the state house insider.

SoS Gaye, continued the source spent late night at Kanilai, the President’s home village each time his wife Zeinab Suma Jammeh is away from the country.”They discussed their plans and execute them the next day. Omar Ndow was a victim of conspiracy. The Vice President might follow soon. The  Neneh is eying her position and Jammeh might one day give it to her.Many here believe that she took the President to the Marabouts to do whatever she ask her to do. Inside cabinet, she is treated differently and sometimes she executes the role of the Vice President.”

Neneh Macdowl said the state house insider, had taken over from Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay, who was at some point enjoying the same Presidential favour. “Fatou used to spent nights at Kanilai and sometimes spoon fed Jammeh during his matrimonial woes with Tuti Faal Jammeh. Fatou used to brag that she was the big man’s favourite. As Jangfa and betrayal schemes grip the APRC, she was fired and replaced by Neneh. Fatou and Neneh are not in good terms these days. Fatou entertains the belief that Neneh caused her removal from the state house.”said my source.

President Jammeh’s biggest problem is women. He is very weak on the side of women. He hates to see a fair coloured woman. When some of these women started talking about the way Jammeh abused them the entire country,would be devastated. For now, we will excise restraint. President Jammeh should ask himself how is it  possible that I’m able to know all these facts regarding his private life.

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