Horomsi:Simbay and his troubles! A trip to Karfring via Tamba-Kunda-Interesting trip!
Horomsi:Simbay wanna boss Horomsi??? Boss who?? He better bosses his own kids. They want to be on the top, but few wanna find out what it takes to me on the top. I was in karfring Senegal for a mission. It was an interesting visit. I enjoyed the jollof rice and the morning cafe served at  a local car park. My server was a true professional. She knows what it takes to entertain a customer. I left some CFA franc tip with her and  headed for Tamba-Kunda. The server told me that women in Karfring worked to take care of their husbands! Do I hear her saying women taking care of men?? Their husbands spent the whole day at the “pencha or Bantaba” talking about their past government jobs? These folks had been retired, some fired for misconduct. The system wouldn’t  nolonger absorb them due to their past activities.

I met some Gambians in Tamba, some of whom I treated for a dinner. Very exciting journey. Simbay has been reduced to a prisoner.Simbay needs urgent help. His neighbours suspect that he might as well be insaned. He got wild very easily and often contradicts himself. Simbay used to be very powerful in Somita. He remotes Kanillai, while in Kerrmandumbay. It all started when doff Kama offered him some pr job at Kerrmandumbay.

Some of thes folks claimed to be the real Horomsi. Well Horomsi cannot be forged. The real Horomsi is here rattling Jilanka.

Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 30, 2007)
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