Horomsi:Remembering our murdered students!Gamsu executive consists of nia agents!
Horomsi: In few weeks time, Gambians will mark the brutal killing of our loved ones by Jammeh’s blood thirsty security forces. About 14 unarmed students were murdered in cold blood by men of the Gambia National Army and the infamous police intervention unit the (PIU). Vicious President Yahya Jammeh gave orders for the students killings and had since been trying to mend fences with the country’s main student body, the Gambia student union (GAMSU). After killing our sons and daughters in the name of maintaining national security,President Jammeh embarked on a reconciliation crusade by trying to induce student leaders. The inducement is in the form  of monetary,material and jobs. The likes of Alhagie Nyabally, Ebrima Dibba and others who refused to be corrupted suffered all kinds of persecution under Jammeh’s watch. Nyabally in particular was arrested on numerous occasions by the feared National Intelligence Agency the (NIA). The NIA accused him of inciting violence and also disrespecting the President. Widely known as “Mandella.” Nyabally was brave enough to call President Jammeh a hypocrite.  Nyabally accuses Jammeh of  trying divide and rule Gambian students. Nyabally who spoke during the second commemoration of the April 10 bloody incident, was uncomfortable with the formation of the new pro-government student body called “NAPSA.” NAPSA was the brain child of the jailed Jarra West Parliamentarian, cum Majority leader Baba K Jobe. Jobe believes that with the coming of NAPSA, GAMSU was bound to suffer a “natural death.” to borrow his expression. Jobe and the President were working alongside to end GAMSU in the country or weaken its activities. They clandestinely recruited NIA agents at GAMSU and NAPSA. These agents are school going students on the NIA payroll. They are paid at month end even though they were students.  Their job was to monitor students activities, private citizens and members of the security forces. Horomsi was opportuned to interview some of the “students” NIA agents recruited by Baba Jobe and the President. I  will explain my findings later on in this write up.


President Jammeh had succeeded in his efforts to dismantle GAMSU. Yes, GAMSU is a useless student body today, which is dancing to the tunes of the government.GAMSU under Omar Joof and GAMSU today is just like day and night. GAMSU is no longer fighting for the interest and welfare of Gambian students. April 10TH, is no longer an important day as far as the present GAMSU executive is concerned. The current executive have neglected our oppressed students, who are today denied school buses,quality education,health care among others. The bunch of GAMSU executive members who succeeded Nyabally and co have been turned into “Jammeh griots.” They sing the praises of the President for their own selfish interest. Period. If Omar Joof is reading me, he would be surprised to learn that he was presiding an executive consists of NIA agents. Unsuspecting Joof was working with NIA agents under Jammeh’s payroll. The events leading to the April 10TH, riots were closely monitored by these student turned NIA agents. They report directly to their respective security heads. I had  the chances of talking to some of these students. They even shown me their NIA IDS just to confirm to me that they worked  for the state. The said NIA intel agents were going to testify against Omar Joof supposed he was arrested. We have witnessed the said student NIA agents testifying against their fellow students before the Justice Lartey Commission. We shall refrain from naming names, but we have the list in our possession. Omar Joof  was wise enough to leave this country. President Jammeh’s main intention was to finish Joof if arrested. God so good Joof escaped. The information he received at the material time was that Joof was a member of the National Action Movement Democratic Party (NDAM) led by firebrand politician Lamin Waa Juwara. Some of the reports given to the President about Omar Joof’s alleged political affiliation with NADAM were over exaggerated. Assuming that Joof was a supporter of NDAM or an Executive Member, does this constitute a crime? No. Our constitution supports such a move. Every Gambia have the right to be affiliated with the political party of hisor her  choice irrespective of one’s position, race, or tribe. Joof was also accused of being used by outside forces. Well, Joof had time and time dismissed such allegations. He maintains that their action was justified and had never been used by the opposition or any outside power. The rest is history now.

VP NJie Saidy Indirectly participated into the students killings!

VP Njie Saidy could equally be charged with aiding and abetting security forces to kill our loved ones. The Vice President lied on broad day light that the “students killed themselves.” She accuses the students of breaking into the police armories to shot and kill their fellow students. The VP did not stop at that. She also claimed that the students took part on the looting spree that hits Banjul and its surroundings. I shed tears when I watched the VP on GRTS lying in the open.

The same Isatou Njie Saidy was delegated by the President to visit bereaved families and express condolences. Our Vice President is nothing but a secret killer who aided and abetted killers. Her day is coming down the line. A day shall come the VP will defend her lies before a competent court or risked facing the full scale of the law. Gambians are very angry with the VP who is expected to be a loving and caring mother. Imagine if her own son was killed during the incident, was she going to lie as she did? Isatou has embarrassed her family and loved ones. Her statement will hunt her for decades.

It was irresponsible on her part to make up such a fat lie just to defend a despot. VP Njie Saidy is one of the female cabinet members helping President Jammeh to kill our people. She puts her personal interest ahead of national interest just to satisfy Jammeh. Isatou will no doubt taste MIle Two one day. The likes of Isatou underestimates Jammeh’s capabilities, but she will be taken by surprise. She will not leave office peacefully. Gambians mark my words. Isatou’s own relative Omar Ndow is at the Mile Two Prison. Isatou will join him sooner or later. If the likes of Isatou were giving President Jammeh the right advise, the young man would not have found himself in such a mess or predicament today. Isatou is only interested about her pay. Period. She is not loyal to the system. She has been complaining privately about the President’s treatment of her relative Omar Ndow. She has been inviting Marabouts at a residence name withheld to pray for Omar Ndow’s release. We all know that Omar Ndow is detained wrongly, but the VP should be plain enough and tell Jammeh to release him rather than  inviting Marabouts to pray for him. These are powerful Marabouts, as we were told. What is Isatou upto? Is she serious for real? Yes, blood is thicker than water, but sister Isatou should hold her horse and follow the right channels. We hope Isatou’s Marabout will pray for Pui Jobarteh and other public officials langusihing at the Mile Two Prison. Isatou is very desperate at this hour. Omar Ndow was set up by Neneh Macdwol Gaye. Isatou is aware of this fact. Isatou is even planning to call it quits at this hour, but is worried about what would be her fate afte the aftermath of such a move.

The woman is capable of spearheading a rebellion against Jammeh. She is mean for real. She is a cool woman killer. The same VP was behind the arrest and detention of Pui Jobarteh, a former protocol officer attached to the VP. After diverting the kickbacks she received from contractors assigned to renovate her residence, she turned around and told the NIA that it was Pui who signed the unauthorized vouchers. Millions of dalasis remains unaccountable at this hour, at the VP’S office, as far as the source I spoke to is concerned. President Jammeh is working with a devil who uses her position to frame innocent Gambians.

Ambassador Ousman Badjie also took part in the students killings!

I witnessed the former Interior Minister Ousman Badjie giving orders to the security forces to fire and kill students refusing to disperse. He gave the proclamation at the PIU head quarters in  Kanifing. Badjie said he had spoken to the President at the material time, who gave him the clearance to fire live bullets at demonstrating students. I was present when Badjie addresses the PIU officers. Minutes later, a crowd of students ran into the premises, which forces Badjie and others to disappear from the area. Thereafter, we heard gunshots. At West Field, I saw scores of dead bodies lying along the road, while students ran helter skelter. I could have been equally killed because I was on the ground when shots were being fired. At some point, I had to sought refugee at the near by Catholic Church. By Mid-day, news came in that journalist Omar Barrow was murdered. Before his murder, I had a brief conversation with Barrow at the Red Cross, where he was dispatched to help injured students. Barrow personally advised  me to  watch my back as the security forces were armed to the teeth. Little, did poor Barrow knew that he was going to die. Barrow was targeted by the state guards. He was shot at close range by his killers. About six bodies were lying at the Red Cross premises including journalist Omar Barrow. The Red Cross was blood bath zone on April 10TH. Women and children could be seen weeping. Some students were raped,injured and stripped naked by the soldiers. This I witnessed with my eye. President Jammeh should get ready. Some of us have gathered a lot of incriminating evidence against him. We shall testify against him and his agents when the time arises God willing. We pray for the deaths for eternal rest. Down with Yahya Jammeh and his murderous regime.

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